KU's Violations

Given that it was previously reported that five other schools are going to receive some notices of violations, should we start to sweat a little?

I may be optimistic, but if/when we get hit, I think it will be minor or at least not horrible. Kansas is getting nuked, NC State got a bad one…I’d imagine that Louisville and Arizona get smacked hard too, along with USC (Tony Bland). It’s unfortunately probable that Boynton likely wasn’t able to avoid ANY penalties, but his speed in firing Evans and benching Carroll until things resolved could work in his favor, since it showed a commitment to not breaking the rules and fixing things as soon as he could.

Of course, it’s the NCAA and they waived the ‘sit a year’ requirement for Justin Fields who got sand in his crack about being a backup and got to go start at Ohio State, but wouldn’t waive the requirement for that offensive lineman transferring to be closer to home because his mom had cancer so…reasonable and fair decision-making is a crapshoot at best.


I can’t remember, did they ever hit Arizona for the coach paying players? I remember the coach being suspended for like 2 weeks (if that). With UNC getting of the hook (basically) I’m wondering what punishment a blue blood will actually get, assuming it’ll be a slap on the wrist

Arizona hasn’t gotten hit yet, but Kansas is gonna get nuked. Multiple Level 1 violations for the team AND the coach is…well, super bad. Think of it like cheating in school. Copying off of someone’s homework is a Level 3. Copying someone’s test is Level 2. Stealing the answer key from the teacher’s desk is Level 1.


UNC laid out the model here so we will see if these other schools do the same thing. Don’t admit anything. Don’t respond to the allegations. Sue the NCAA when they try to take something.


Kansas has already made it clear they’re going to push back, and Bill Self predictably is denying everything.

No, but they should’ve been slammed. What annoys me is this is all happening after the school year started. If these punishments were leveled during summer, it might’ve given the recruits time to change their mind.

I guess it doesn’t matter to the one-and-done’s. They just go, show they are capable of playing well, and then move on, regardless of whether they play in the tournament or not.

Yeah the ncaa was suppose to announce like 7 schools back in July. But the announcement did come before the signing period though

Looking forward to Bryce Thompson playing in Stillwater.


What do I win?

Nothing yet? Because Thompson hasn’t committed to us…?


Georgia Tech banned from the 2020 tournament.


Bumping this in light of the Bryce commitment thread ramblings.

I was doing a little searching trying to find any tidbits about what might be coming down the pike to whom and when. (This may be common knowledge to many of you but I haven’t really kept up to speed on it.)

Found the following from this article:

In June, it sent word that six schools would receive a notice of allegations for Level I violations. This week, Kansas, one of the sport’s most pedigreed programs, was notified of three Level I violations, a lack of institutional control and a head coach responsibility charge against Hall of Famer Bill Self.

It has been a busy week for the NCAA. It also banned Georgia Tech from the NCAA tournament for a year and put it on probation for four years as part of a punishment package for Josh Pastner’s program, which was accused of having two boosters provide impermissible benefits, including an all-expenses-paid strip club visit for a recruit.

So the NCAA strikes back now, stretching its powers as far as they go, hoping to restore order and credibility. Self and Kansas vow to fight the organization, setting the stage for a long legal battle that could define the NCAA’s level of authority moving forward. If the NCAA gets its way, it will make an example of the Jayhawks, which means that other high-profile programs involved in the FBI probe (Arizona, Louisville, Auburn, LSU, Southern California and Oklahoma State among them) should be worried.

Will OSU be one of the six included in the Level 1 violations? We’ve talked about Kansas getting the hammer, but what are the most likely scenarios for us?


I thought ours was isolated to one person instead of a lacking institutional control?

What does the Kansas response look like to the new ncaa news

I’m imagine yawning and waving their hands in a dismissive manner because they barely got touched. What an absolute joke.

Barely got touched? They simply have a little longer to respond to the notice of allegations now. They still haven’t received a punishment.

Not yet, but I’m certainly not confident that they ever will. They get another full season at minimum to find ways to escape punishment. That’s…not great.

Well, when you put it in those terms, yeah, that’s dumb!

Debbie Downer Doctor…