Kyle Dake-Alex Dieringer Match thread

Big best of three series for the World Team spot on Saturday.

Predictions, thoughts, questions?

This match makes me glad I still have my flowrestling subscription! Probably going to abandon it when it ends this year though and just move over to ESPN+

Ringer 2 to 1 with the last match on criteria. Gonna be close!

I don’t know that the ESPN+ production will be like with OSU, but the picture, feed, etc… on ESPN3 with Fix at the Pan Am’s was great. It was all in Spanish, which I don’t speak, so I have no idea what they were saying, but the picture and presentation was solid.

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I am headed to Austin in the morning for these matches. I am so excited for this. I fully expect Alex to pull this off and be the World Champion this year. Listen for me yelling Orange Power as loud as I can!

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Just a few hours out. I think any way this goes, the winner ends up winning a world title.

I’m following along with on Twitter and it’s, uh, not going well. Ringer lost the first match and is down in the second.

[edit] He dropped both. It’s over.

Tough one. Dake’s just really, really good. Doesn’t get out of position, doesn’t make really any mistakes. Very, very smart wrestler.