Kyle Porter’s new book

The one, the only, Kyle Porter wrote a book. It’s amazing (so far, although I admit I’m only two chapters deep.) It’s called Normal Sport, a phrase he uses covering golf for cbs sports.

You can buy it here.

It’s only $15 so it’s not going to throw your Christmas budget off. And, to be honest, I think it’d be amazing if we all supported KP in this venture. He founded PFB more than a decade ago and built this place into what it is. He’s a great friend of mine, a wonderful human and a stunningly good writer, as you all know.

If his writing has touched you in any way over the years with a free outlet — maybe you liked a 10 Thoughts of his or a Gundy column — please consider dishing out the $15 to support him. And send to a friend, too. Thanks so much for helping support his great new venture!



Any chance we can get a guest appearance from KP on the pod to recap the season with Carson and Colby?

I NEED to hear “The goal line offense was…not great!”

I just want to hear him use Gundy’s, “We are back at it.”