Late Line Movement Shifts OSU’s Direction Ahead of Boise State Game

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OSU is a narrow underdog.

The bet guys are not doing to good today. Ksu is winning their game . 2 ranked acc plus pitt fell. Lot of good games. Ku hang thur a half. As is tulsa

MSU 38 MIA 17
It turns out Gundy’s " it’s as good a win as I’ve had in my career." Was against a very average team. LOL :grin::smiley::smile::laughing:

Here we go! So we will see if Roberto’s coach can make the adjustments to get us in the win column. Any bets on if sanders gets pulled today?

Where’s you confidents level today Roberto? Let’s hear you score.

Go Tulsa!! Slant pass to the in zone! Who would have thought? Not gundy

Like everyone else I gave my score yesterday. I stand by it today. If u were to busy sucking to see it oh well buster.

It seem ou didnt make there bet line.

I didn’t see it. Yea ou looks human but sure wish we could play them early in the year because by the end of the year they figure it out and are better than you know who.

You really know how good a coach is if they get better as the year goes on.

I’m pretty sure most people thought we were better at the end.
If we have any players left I’m sure we will again be better.

Bray, Martin, and Johnson didn’t even make the trip. Not looking good for the WR position.

Would it really make a big difference in the offense not looking like it sucks chit???

2 td in less then 3 minutes?

Bailed out on an uncatchable ball and started at the 10 yard line. Thanks refs and defense.

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I like jabbing u. But I’m a team player. They both looked bad but finished.
I just hope we dnot spot them points to start the 2nd half.
We got the ball.

Not a single touchdown (or point for that matter) the entire 2nd half and one dimensional because Sanders might be in the running for worst QB in the conference. You can thank the defense and special teams for this one Roberto.

By the end of the game we had 1 first team recievers. And he keep dropping the ball.
I see why u like this teams.
Ou beat a very very bad Nebraska by 7.
Tulane lost by 40.
Woods help Virginia with a 20 point lose.
Indiana lost again
Leach let another g5 score more then 30 to lose.

And Warren - just like last game.


It’s not my fault Gundy lied about having depth.