Legacy Wide Receiver Recruit Tre Spivey Announces OSU Offer

Ok so the last three years you have been on these forums popping wood every spring and talking osu up just wishing you can have some ammo for me and joe and after the season you have no ammo. Poor little Roberto😭. Guess what? You won’t ever have any ammo. You will just sit here and talk up gundy and how good he is and how good the season will be lolololol. It’s Comedy for me. So thanks really.

I would doubt that 90% of players hate Gundy, the players I’ve talked to don’t know him and have never had a conversation with him.

So my sons buddy was a linebacker for OSU and he told me that 90% of the players don’t like him. Could his percentage be off sure but it didn’t sound good. When Roberto hears something negative about his daddy gundy his skin gets thin. That’s what Roberto is talking about.

The same daddy gundy that won’t go on and talk to the biggest radio station in Oklahoma and advertise OSU. Any wonder why he can’t recruit.

By the way, I knew you couldn’t do that simple mat question LOL. Your a wee little pathetic child.

Lol i have no idea what a mat problem is. I told you to lay off the drink.

@ar1 jug janitors arent players.

The stooge are on a tear. First no coach is loved by all players. This is a football team with busy people. At the end of the day gundy does not have reflecting time with each member. I have no idea what you mean buy conversation. But i know gundy talks to every recruit that visits. Your saying he wont talk to them as a player.

You guys dnot know what words and numbers mean.
All means everybody some means less then half most means more then half.

5%. So in a full class gundy would need less then 2 4stars to be 5% or less.

90% would me everybody would know there is a problem. That means juniors not coming back if could be drafted. I can think of 4 real easy inthe last few years.
You could draft guys from the same school year after year.

I know you gurls want to believe this stuff, and god forgot to give you common sense. But, trust me your not wrong your sadly wrong.

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Dnot know? What is dnot mean?

Listen your talking to a realist so your BS falls on deaf ears. Save your :crocodile: tears for another person.

I figured if I spelled math correctly you wouldn’t understand the question. But the fact that you can’t give me an answer to that 1st grade math problem is sad. Really really sad.

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I have answered you question, dude stop drinking i know its 5 oclock some where.

Like i siad you want to believe that stuff about gundy. Your not it reality. Look at what your saying 90 % dnt like gundy.
A logical person would wonder. Why did guys like mason, Washington, Wallace, and even the bigest baby hubbard come back for senior year.
How did we oliver if ford didnt like him tgey played hs together.
Were having a small recruiting class because we cant get enough guys to leave after 5 years.

Does these things sound like 90% hate gundy. So stop it.
What about your daughter’s bf is he still on the team did he get kick of transfer. That will tell you alot.

Then on the stupid recruiting deal in tulsa. They stop recruiting him because he sucked and your sister onlaw is a bad coach just thought he got lucky. Lot of coaches think their player is better. Gunnar had nothing to do with it. Since we have got 2 qbs since.

Your not just a drunker but delusional. Tgats a sign your liver is going see pink elephants. This is the last time i help you with reality.

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So your sons friend of a friend told you 90% dont like Gundy ?? You need to stop drinking or getting high dude. 7 , 4 strars last year in the recruiting class but you ignore that. You attack anyone that likes Gundy cause you can’t grow hair like him and not near as cool. You stooges need to start your circle jerk started again. It might bring reality to you that you 3 are girls

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Look back at any position in the NFL and tell me how many 4 and 5 start players aren’t starting or even in the league, and answer your own statement.

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