Legacy Wide Receiver Recruit Tre Spivey Announces OSU Offer

Originally published at: Legacy Wide Receiver Recruit Tre Spivey Announces OSU Offer | Pistols Firing

Spivey has familial ties to Stillwater.

6’4" yea be nice. He made some nice catch. Not sure about speed.

Mom had her osu gear on. Good sign.

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With that size he could be the next Tay Martin. Let’s get him in for a vist,& lockdown


3 star legacy I think is what he meant. Guess having the most biletnikoff winners of all of college football doesn’t matter at osu. Must be the only place that you can’t capitalize on. Wow. Woke up today and gundy still can’t recruit.

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Now your busting on alumni and there kids.

Im sprised you woke up before noon. Lay of the booze for a day

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You don’t like facts? Just stating facts. So we are supposed to be excited because his mom went here? Or not state facts because his mom is alumni? It’s not about his mom or him it’s about the inept recruiting that every assistant on gundy’s staff seem to have in common or is it gundy that makes them go after mostly 3 stars? I’m going with gundy here.

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I didnt comment on the kids ability to you. I was talking how you feel fine dogging on alumni and there kids.

If you dnt think a high 3 star is not worth fine. Why do you feel the need to drag his mom thur the mud because she went to osu.

Those my friend are facts.

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Gundy and Dunn have everything in their arsenal with the most biletnikoff’s to show these Receivers what they can accomplish here just like Sabin with all his rings but yet still can’t get top receivers to commit. Gundy doesn’t want high stars because it’s pretty evident by know if you think he can recruit just alittle bit. So if he wants his roster to be 95% 3 stars and it’s obvious he does then why do you guys get so excited to thing gundy’s teams are going to win a championship?? O yea you don’t care Got it.

So we’ve landed some of the top WR recruits over the last few years, and yet you say we can’t recruit. Please let me know who you think we should have gotten at WR that we didn’t.


I drug his mom through the mud? LOL yea wtf ever. You sound like a sensitive dem. Feelings are more important than getting a job done.

Please show me all these starting receivers in the NFL that are osu guys so you can look back at that and answer your own question. And I mean starting Receivers in the NFL.

Last year we were over 25% 4 stars. So far were at 10% and will get better.
Your never god with numbers like the 1 time your daughter heard a rumor from her bf.

I have very thick skin. I never need to show it with a guy like you. The fact is your attacking an alumni kid to make some absurd point about gundy. Because your a cry baby and jealous of Gundy’s hair.

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Plain and simple. Receivers should be a hard task to get for osu UNLESS…the product that is sent from osu to the NFL is not ready because of knowledge of routs which we have heard multiple times or they just don’t make it to the NFL.

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Ok thin skin

25% LOL

Lol look at thin skin. You cant even come back. Took you 2 jr high post to saw nothing. Are you still crying. Can see the reply button.

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Not good, and I think you added 5%

25% or 10% 4 stars aren’t winning championships. Why do you argue. Just stating facts. Theses facts I guess just gets under your thin skin. Sorry gundy can’t recruit at a championship level.

Your not good with numbers watch…how long has glory gundy been a head coach at osu? How many championships has he won? What’s gundy’s championship winning percentage???

Lol jeff like usual im just pointing out your statements are wrong.

When you came on here and said 90% of the players hate gundy i knew from then on you were an idiot. If im mad at anyone about what you say its God. For allow stupid people to run free and bred.

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