Legislative influence on conference realignment

I haven’t seen anything about what the elected officials of Oklahoma have to say about realignment. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised OU didn’t keep its word to always be in OSU’s conference - they live up to their mascot. But I am curious what the state has to say.

It seems more controversial in Texas.

The state of Texas has a lot to lose. Looking here, it seems like the move from the Big 12 may only net the schools a few million more per year, but the state could see an overall decrease of $30 million if (and it’s a big if) revenue stays about the same and TCU, TTU, and Baylor get into the PAC 12. The drop from Big 12 to AAC is a difference of $35 million per year, per school - so worse case the state could lose over $100 million every year just so they can chant “SEC” in Austin when they’re watching bowl games from home. &$@% Texas.

I do find it somewhat comforting that OSU is regarded as the top or near the top leftover from all the pundits I’ve heard, but this whole mess just makes me sick. The divide between the haves and have nots in college football is only going to get worse. Bob is a moronic homer and this is not an overall win for the state. I’m curious if the governors of Oklahoma and Texas are going to do something. It’s no secret Ann Richards was the reason Baylor came to the Big 12 over TCU. The implosion of the SWC devastated them along with Rice, Houston, and SMU.


I think if the state legislatures were to get involved, they would have do so by now considering the SEC is meeting tomorrow and are probably going to vote and let OU and Texas in.
Just my two cents: The OK legislature doesn’t care. Most of them are probably OU fans and love this. I have no idea about Texas politics.

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Is the governor an OSU alum?

They said they cannt do much. Ou only get 20% of state money they could hold money for long.

He is but I highly doubt he’s gonna do anything that risks re-election.

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I can see that, which is why I brought up the Texas perspective so heavily. They have more to lose and it isn’t as dire for Oklahoma especially with OSU likely landing in the PAC or Big 10. I think the Big 12 stays around long enough to make OU and UT pay as much as possible and then scatters to the wind.

My guess is:

Iowa State and Kansas to the Big 10
OSU and… maybe TTU to the PAC?

I don’t foresee the PAC 12 taking 4 from the Big 12. They’re pro AAU and not keen on religious schools (though USC was aligned Methodist at one point) but are likely to flex on either or both of those points if expansion looks like the best idea. With Boise State and BYU’s proximity and the Cougar’s fanatical base I don’t see the 3 schools from Texas making the cut. That leaves K State, Baylor and TCU out in the cold losing tens of millions of dollars every year. Yikes.

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It’s far from over with it coming out that ESPN has their hands in conference pockets and pulling the strings that damage institutions while propping others up. Collusion and bad business ethics might get ou and texas to move but it will also require a substantial cost to you and your “partners” in crime.

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This would antitrust issue, won’t it.

Robert - I’m not a lawyer but I slept at a Holiday Inn last night. Bottom line, it seems to be, but I don’t know.


U should always stay at a hoillday inn​:innocent::innocent::innocent::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::exploding_head::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

I know it’s Baylor radio, but these guys do a good job of covering the Big 12 and cover the Texas senate meeting about realignment.

Not necessarily directly on point but I think that joining the Big Ten would be the best option for the university, students, and the athletes. Legislators could think about $$ and other ramifications:

Not even to mention what is happening with players and the NCAA, I think that geographically and culturally Big 10 makes sense. Maybe I’m wrong but didn’t the Big 12 start with the Great Plains schools? Seems smart to realign with the Midwest given our talent pool, viewers/$$, and the fact that big ten opponents would be geographically closer than PAC 12. We would play teams like Ohio State but also teams like Northwestern and Nebraska, so a good/challenging mix (esp. for football and basketball I think.)

Would also be good for students networking as would provide more name recognition in the Midwest and this could help students get jobs (a stretch, but it at least wouldn’t hurt…)

Maybe I’m just angling to get more away games closer to home in Chicagoland….and to whoop Wisconsin in football cause those fellows can get a bit smug :sweat_smile:

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I would go to both Illinois and Northwestern games. I’ve been close to Champaign before, it’s a decent area.

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Thats a town not a wine.

I went to the Nebraska/Northwestern homecoming game a few years ago and it was actually a BLAST! Very different than our games and tailgating atmosphere but fun to experience. Evanston is a nice town.

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Yes, I’m sure they talk about geopolitical concerns as they pertain to the poppy trade, and the effects of global inflation on the papaya market. :grin:

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What does Wisconsin have to be smug about? Are they better than I would give them credit for being?

Always having a good offensive line…?