Les Miles New Look

Is anyone talking about Les Miles’ new look? I haven’t paid attention to Kansas football at all this season except for stats when they play the role of Iowa State.

He has clearly used a bit too much Just for Men and I’m not not convinced he has hairplugs… Am I alone here?

Smaller hat = less hair

It’s not new, but our coach has a mullet, wears gold chains, and tucks his hoodie into belted khakis. I don’t think we have much room for criticism here.


Yeah, I was wondering how “new” it was…

I’m so used to Gundy’s nonsense I’m kinda blind to it, but good point.

I don’t know if it’s new either, but his quotes are as elite as they’ve ever been. I bet his left arm is bigger than his right toting that NC ring around every day as well.


Small hat, big ego