Less a week left

We can do our predictions

I know this team has a trio of skilled players.
In the lsu game last year the running back only had 38 yards. The qb is not that moblie. Basically a new line. This is not the same 9 win team. Some may bring up ladt time. That qb is in the nfl.

We will see 3rd string. Nothing to see here.
Key is stay health and play alot of people.

42 to 10.

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@jake4 do you have predictions

Hmmm. I already said I hate early season games. I’ll go 35-14.

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@michael13 whatsyour predictions

I said 35-10…. For now :joy::cowboy_hat_face:

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We should roll them. Our D line should keep the running back In check if the LBERS don’t blow assignments. I think we play 3rd team 4th quarter
I hope. I hope Gundy goes for the throat for 3 quarters…stay healthy

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