Lester's welcome?

So, I posted something similar to the following in an article, but I am not sure if I made the cut when the comments on articles were deactivated.
I am curious what your thoughts are on how the “Mad Hatter” will be welcomed back to Stillwater this coming weekend when KU visits for a beat down. Don’t get me wrong, KU has been playing pretty well lately. Heck, they almost beat Texas and they beat Tech.
I won’t be able to make the game, but my opinion is that I am honestly on the fence about Lester returning to Stillwater, even if it is for one game. In early 2005, when THE OSU played Ohio State at the Alamo Bowl, my wife and I went to San Antonio, stayed at the same hotel as the football team, and made it a point to meet with Lester. He was all smiles, and graciously accepted our praises … only to find out that he had already accepted a deal with LSU, was lying to the team, the alumni, fans, etc until after the game. We totally felt betrayed.

What are your thoughts?


I’ve admittedly held a grudge ever since he straight up punked us. I don’t have a problem with a guy taking another job…just be honest about it!

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Les Miles changed the mindset of Oklahoma State football. From the players to the fans, we all started to believe we could win. He revived us from more than a decade of very bad football. I am very appreciative of what he did for us while he was here, even though his departure was handled poorly. What he did for our program far outweighs the way he left.


I was at that Alamo Bowl as well. Didn’t meet Les, but definitely left the game feeling as though the coaching staff phoned it in. Turns out they were all looking for their next gig instead of game planning. VERY disappointed in the end of his stay at OSU.

Generally after time though I agree with OKState2014’s take. I loved his bravado and he did start improvements that led to the program we see today. I always rooted for him at LSU because of course we root against Bama, but mostly because I wanted to see the Les presser where he throws shade at Saban the way he used to at Bobby Stoops. I’m even here for him trash talking Gundy the next couple years.

Les makes college football more fun. If I was in the stadium, I’d politely clap for him then cheer for the Pokes to crush his team!

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I was at the bowl game and the rumor came out after the game he told the team at halftime. That left a sorrow taste in my mouth for years. With time, that taste was been washed away though.

Time heals all wounds (and wounds all heels). While he was on campus Les was very supportive of our non-revenue sports (my sister played for the Softball team at that time, which was a very very down time for the program and my parents saw him at games fairly often. That made me tend to like the guy…the way he left really colored that but I still pulled for him at LSU and nothing would have made me happier than to see him get 2nd place to OSU in 2011. So… he’d get a polite clap from me and a “Beat KU” chant.


Boo birds from me.

He definitely exuded a better attitude than Gundy could ever hope to match.

I got nothing against him. I appreciate what he did for OSU.

For Bedlam. But he’s also a phony.

Gundy cleaned up a lot of his mess.


Meh - his teams were not nearly as good as the teams from the mid-80’s. His teams had some nice wins, and I guess some of the wins from that era inspired Mr. Pickens to donate… but overall I am not a huge Miles fan.

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