Lindy Waters Signs Multi-Year Deal with OKC Thunder

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From Norman North to Oklahoma State to NBA contract.

Good for Lindy , he’s persevered through it all


He was a nice player in college but wasn’t NBA level. Which leads to the question: Late bloomer or better coaching?

He’s probably 40 lbs heavier than he was in college. Streaky player in college

Well he isn’t exactly lighting it up or anything. He’s barely averaging 5ppg for a career in only 87 games played. He had to do a lot more like passing and rebounding in college and he’s literally asked to do one thing in the NBA. Shoot in sparse minutes, mostly garbage time. He’s a solid character guy who fits the culture and him being local doesn’t hurt.

He was an extremely solid team player who was also extremely clutch in late game situations.
Wish this team had 5 players like him.

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Didn’t Waters have 4 3 pointers in like the last 2 minutes of a game maybe vs Tech?

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Or could it be the NBA has changed their focus on 3 pointers so much that anyone who can shoot 36% or more is in need.

It was less than a minutes left if I remember correctly.

Sent it to overtime but lost it

I was going to say a minute, but thought I would be telling tall tales.

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