List of adjustments before launch

Posting this in here for my PFB+ homies who have been helping us try this space out. Thank you for helping us launch it, and please toss any recommendations or thoughts into here so we can adjust everything before launching to everyone! We know it’s going to be messy at first, but we’re committed to doing this and excited to make it a great community for everyone.

I updated my User Name and Avatar Image. But when I wanted to go back an update my “Name” I could not see how to edit it again. Is there something I am missing or is that field now locked?

Not an adjustment, but a question about the new forum. This seems the most sensible place to ask it.

What’s the plan for comments at the end of articles? Are they still going to be there?

Likely going to move those here. I think it makes sense for a number of reasons. Not for sure, but that’s where we’re leaning.

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I’m cool with commenting here until the trolls start showing up. As soon as those losers start posting, I’m out.

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I like the idea of moving them here. Keeps the articles more clean, aesthetically and otherwise, and helps them standalone for what they are instead of a public debate room.


Just a suggestion.

Have game threads. Pre, during, post
Season threads.
Recruiting threads. (So for instance all CC updates should go into the thread Kyle Boone posted a few hours ago. I don’t think we need a new CC recruiting thread every-time there’s an update)
And some others.

Just keep the thread counts down.

Not as fun coming to a board and there’s 50 new threads after a loss to Troy. Keep it consolidated into just a few.

Establish some ground rules early too.
-personal attacks
-how strict about staying on topic
-spelling and grammar


that’s really helpful. thanks!

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This is awesome. Thanks for the suggestions.

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There’s a lot more nuance than you may think too. Take cursing for instance,

I’m pretty sure you don’t want cursing, but what about using *’s?

What about using obvious replacement words? Or allowing it, but having it in threads that have NSFW tags in the title. (Highly recommend these in meltdown threads)

I don’t really care. I’ll try to comply. It’s your board. I can advise on what the other site did wrong that caused there membership #’s to dive.

Also, have punishments for breaking the rules. Set them. Enforce them. Be transparent about it. (That was a major issue at op)

What do you do about trolling?

This place can be whatever you want it to be. It can be political twitter or a cigar lounge. Set the tone now though.

Once you get everything set, the place will self police itself.


I’m down for the game threads. :100:

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Game threads :+1:

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I just wanted to say that I appreciate that you gave recruiting its own category. I know a lot of people are interested, and that’s cool. But I’m just not, so I like that it’s separate.


A big benefit of the PFB+ forum, to me, is that it should cut down on trolls etc… at least some.

Plus we would get more access to the contributors info and opinions.

So I’d like to suggest that we make sure to keep good threads going on this area. For example, there can be a free game thread, full of trolls and crazies, and there is a PFB+ game thread, where Cox or whomever are live posting their thoughts and we can have a more reasonable conversation about what is actually happening/happened during the game.


This is part of the reason for it. And we would lean toward only doing one in our PFB+ room.

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How about just one thread for all of the odes to Baker Mayfield?

Related, the ability to hide threads.

I don’t know if this is something on your end, but there is a response number limiter which really hinders engagement. It reads: “You’ve reached the maximum number of replies a new user can create on their first day. Please wait X hours/minutes/seconds before trying again.” Now, while I do understand the point of it in preventing trolling and spamming, it also means that people who are excited about being in this new location and new conversations get locked out just as they get going. And especially in the case of PFB+ subscribers, it feels kind of like a kick in the teeth.

Could just be me, but I think that having Categories (vs. Latest) as the default first menu would make the home page more navigable. It makes the home page more of a top down view vs a twitter feed.

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I think this is adjusted now.

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Great! I definitely appreciate having a spam protection system in place, but a 24-hour ‘can’t post’ automatic application for new users kind of dampens enthusiasm - glad to hear it’s fixed!