Live Blog: Oklahoma State Heads in Houston for Final Road Game of the Year

Looks like I’ll be turning this game off early like last week.

If we’re going to lose I hope we get blown out. We need heads to roll.

Easiest play in college football: throw it deep on our DBs. It’s either going to be complete or pass interference

I would run that route repeatedly until The Cowboys stopped it.

Comically terrible. Fraudulent coaching staff man.

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I’m sure that’s what Dana has planned. Our offense has looked really good so far.

The way this is going we will get blown out.

The unsportsmanlike call looked a bit weak.

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Must’ve said some shitt the ref didn’t like.

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I would too as I don’t think we can. I mean how many times do you have to get beat long to finally figure out how to stop it?

Total Defense- 101st
Run Defense- 93rd
Pass Defense- 106th

That’s Houston’s defensive rankings, and Dunn looks lost.

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Well H is selling out on the run, which is to be expected, so we have to pass which we aren’t all that good at.

Of course. Are you telling me Dunn didn’t know this on Monday?

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It’s obvious they knew. The play calling in the first series shows it


And of course point after gets blocked smh.

Good grief!!!

Money says the next Houston touchdown is 30+ yards.

Backfoot to back shoulder. :dart:

I at least expect an average QB to throw a touchdown pass against the 106th ranked pass defense Pat.

Is profile name change bet on?