Live Blog: Oklahoma State Heads in Houston for Final Road Game of the Year

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The Cowboys look to bounce back in Houston.

So let’s start this off on a positive note: How bout those cross country track Cowboys!


Here we go

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RIP to those former Houston players who died in that accident.


Not sure what to say about the first series. Pretty lackluster

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5 bucks this gets reversed.

First interference call. How many today?

Already not holding on third down and close plays are going Houston’s way. not good

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Ok d got off the field

UCF all over again

Kasey Dunn needs to be fired.


Backfoot strikes again.

That dude knew the play from the get go

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The announcer said Dunn was an excellent OC? :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


Looks like we’ve reverted back to the old strategy of trying to win games with field goals instead of touchdowns.

Jesus christ dude come the fck on

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Every game.

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Welp looks like we haven’t stopped the long ball.

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Our coverage is absolutely horrible. Maybe we shouldn’t try to make it to the CCG. Worthy will just end up having 300 yards receiving anyway.