Live Blog: Oklahoma State Heads in Houston for Final Road Game of the Year

43 points and 500 yards of total offense. Dunn sucks!

Presley - 189 yards - Damned glad Mr. Experience finally fingered out that he should throw to our best receiver.
Ollie - 164 rushing, 180 all purpose, 3 TDs

Nardo did a beautiful job vs. the Fighting Holgys.

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Shows that even a moron can rack up yards with a Heisman quality RB.

Oddly, not a single player hangs with Bowdaddy after the game while he’s desperately searching for a camera to grin into. Pathetic.

Yep Texas has their work cut out for them.


The first 22 minutes of the game looked like a repeat of South Bama and UCF. Get over yourself!!! He’s still average at best. He should be able to score yards and points against the 106th best defense in the country.

Perhaps but I could do without consistently getting flamed by long balls and QB runs

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Have fun in Stillwater at the BYU game. Sure you’re a blast to be around.

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Many appreciate my straight forward attitude and honesty.

:roll_eyes: rightttttt!!!


Nice!!! :clap: Called it!


After tonight, there could be 5-way tie for 1st with a 6-2 record

One thing i dnt understand is the 3rd down compared to 4th. Do other coaches just call bad plays on every 4th down we face. Got to figure out 3rd downs. Ewers is it a runner i hope.

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Iowa St. had a 4th down last night for a td … I’m with you, 3rd down has been a killer for us. Plus the wide open receivers, no one within 6-7 yards of them ?

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