LIVE BLOG: Oklahoma State Hosts BYU for Regular Season Finale

No motion. No movement, just easy coverage for the defense and thus a pick. Defense is going to have to make at least one big play.

Bro!!! Dude had it!!!

!@$&#%@ cant even hit send before Bowman throw an Int.

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AB threw it behind Presley. Bad throw.

@bill18 well done on your influencing negative comments!! You have quite the following.

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I told you guys we’ve been sloppy the last couple of weeks. Not sure what it is, but it’s obviously still lingering around.

If they force them to punt, they probably need to field the punt and not give up 20 yards in field position. I know conditions aren’t great, but they will have to make plays to come from behind.

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@bill18 I suppose you get it all out while you
can, because oSu is winning this game.

They aren’t if Bowman keeps throwing picks and not completing anything past 15 yards.

Give me some Leon.

When they WIN this game, you aren’t allowed to comment on the XII championship thread.


That’s fine.

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Starting center down. Uh, oh.

I hope you are right and that OSU wins this game despite of the performance of the coaching staff.

During that time, go find @robert28 so he can assist you in drafting a letter to Gundy titled “The Greatest Coach In Oklahoma State History”. Have it ready to send to him on Dec 2nd.


Within 3. What great coaching we are seeing now.

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And QB is throwing at receiver breaks. He wouldn’t start at most HSs so why is he starting for us?

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LFG defense!

That would require Robert28 to know how to draft and write.

Nardos D has given up 17 pts so far, with ZERO in 2nd half.

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