Live Blog: Oklahoma State vs. UCF, Just Keep Winning

Lol we did beat all the teams that were ranked. Fsu has played 2 and only 1 is still ranked. I see what you mean

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How many G5 teams has FSU lost to? How many losses does FSU have so far?

Im saying if we had an easier fsu schedule just think where we would be. Stop we know nothing is good enough for you. The thing is. All the stuff you want will not happen. Osu will go to the title game with bad recruits and coaches.

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I’m saying if we don’t lose to an average South Bama team, a UCF team with a losing record, and an ISU team that’s 6-5. Just think where we would be?

So you’ve finally admitted that we can’t win the conference title under the current regime. Thanks for finally being honest.

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Joy stop being an idiot !! You make up excuses for all teams except us. Our tough part of the schedule we went 5-0 …. Of course you don’t understand football so i excuse your ignorance asz every time. Did we make the schedule ? We also played all the top teams except Texas
You are fun to throw jabs at , it’s so easy :joy:

All your “ what it’s “ thats an imbecile talking when you have to resort to what ifs What’s the matter with you joy ? You can’t enjoy a season for biotching about Gundy and the what ifs and bringing in other teams to compare us to. You whine constantly. … you started on your whine train about the start to the middle second quarter yesterday then disappeared when we went ahead… lol

Yep….and don’t you think we should be able to go 5-0 in the easiest part of our schedule too?

I’m not the one trying to run away from questions or change the subject when I’ve had a checkmate question pinned on me. That’s something you and Robert do. How about being humble for once, and actually admitting you might be wrong? Or are you both too good to be real men?

It’s called going to the grocery store. Yes!!! You’re right!!! Typically if you fix the issue I have nothing to complain about :+1:. Who would’ve ever thought :man_shrugging:!!!

I pretty sure I’ve consistently biotched about his OC more than anything. Why do you continue to come after everyone about Gundy when most of their arguments or opinions have nothing to do with him? We already know you’re a Gundy Kumguzzler. You don’t have to keep repeating it. We get it dude!!!

Poor joy, mad cause we got it going second quarter… we are what we are. Dunn didn’t really call a bad game. They finally went to Presley when they were shutting down running lanes. Presley won’t get the good licks a less quicker guy will but Owens needs to show up. Whatever you say about Bowman he dropped a couple of dimes Saturday

When was this joy ? I’ve never shied away from a question. You just don’t like the answer cause it shows you up. You want some lessons some time , just ask me and @robert28 :cowboy_hat_face:

She is always pull this one. Problem is if you dnt answer the question like she likes it then you dnt answer it. Lol
We are talking to the queen of deflection and odd ball stats.

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It’s hard to call a bad game when the play calling is taken from you to avoid a UCF repeat.

Pretty much at least once every week. I’m not the only one that can see it. Go ask everyone else.

I’m not really looking for Orange Koolaid answers. I base a lot of my decision making on reality instead of hope. You guys should give it shot.

It’s not whether I like it or not. I think it’s just more along the lines that you don’t have an answer because you know there isn’t one. It’s called a checkmate Robert.

Their is your main problem this football your play chest. Reality. Lol you have never looked at reality. You cant if you dnt know who the players are. Seriously if you dnt know who is playing how do you know what a player can do.

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Why do I need to know the name of EVERY SINGLE player on the roster to see what’s going on? Me knowing who the third string center or guard is probably isn’t going to make much of a difference on how the coaching staff or starting players perform. What does that have to do with anything that’s being played out on the field? If you’re going to talk about injuries, then tell me what injuries did we have during the UCF game, and how did it affect a 45-3 outcome?

I guess that’s why several on here have you blocked? They get tired of listening to the jibberish and condescending comments. Be glad at least @robert28 and I at least respond to you to tell you how wrong you’re….,:cowboy_hat_face:

You don’t think there is a big difference in a 3rd team OL than first team ? Thats why you need to learn who’s playing… it’s called following your team. A supporter not a negative Nancy

Well 3rd string guys are the 1st string guys of the future. The thing is you dnt know know the first atring guys or what they do.

Oh by the way johnson is a third stinger that had a 150 yards in a game.

Again you show lack of knowledge and a bandwagon fanatic mentality.

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Gundy doesn’t know the name of every player. But then, he doesn’t know football

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I didn’t say there was. I just said a 45-3 result against a team’s starters has nothing to do with knowing who is on the team or not. I can read an injury report. It’s not impossible to find. Just another standard case of Bob trying to change the subject :man_shrugging:.

Not with the portal in the mix. You can’t guarantee me anything.

So one great game against the last place team in the conference determines how good a player is? Not consistency? Then you wonder why I avoid football “knowledge” when it comes to you two.

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