Log In Issues

I am being blocked from viewing the home page. I can go straight to the Chamber with no issues. I am currently on ship Wi-Fi in Germany if that makes a difference. Any ideas on how to resolve this ? Thanks


Same here. Main PFB site appears down even though Chamber is working @marshall

@marshall Actually main PFB site works on iPhone mobile Safari but not on Apple laptop. I get a security certificate error if accessing main page from my laptop.

@marshall Main PFB website seems to be fixed today even on laptop! Thanks!

Sorry. On vacation. Was a cache issue that is fixed


@marshall When I try to login to the main site I get an error that says “We don’t have a client with the given ID.” But I can get into the PFB+ chamber just fine. Can you help me out?

Hey, sorry for the inconvenience. Heard someone else having this problem last week. Let me look into it

This is pretty common for me. Currently can’t log in so get the site peppered with adds :grimacing:

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Thanks Marshall

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