Longtime Oklahoma State Target Courtney Ramey Enters Transfer Portal

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/longtime-oklahoma-state-target-courtney-ramey-enters-transfer-portal/

Boynton recruited Ramey hard out of high school.

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Get’em coach

Fixes the PG and some of the 3 point shooting issues in 1 go. Would be a nice pickup for 1 year.

Heck yeah! Go get em Coach! It took us two chances to get BT, basically two chances to keep Cade…let’s go 3 for 3 and get Ramey.

Since he is a super senior would his scholarship count. It would be free rite.

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Doubt they let transfers count as not using a scholarship.

Well I know ice’s wouldn’t count. So everybody who freaks out about him can chill out.

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These articles are the worst. It’s not really newsworthy. There’s no indication Boynton is even pursuing the guy.

He’s from St. Louis, I bet he ends up at MIzzou

Boynton may be pursuing him and we just don’t know yet. A bunch of us are just guessing/assuming. All just for fun.

I’m not sure Boyton would want to go after him.