LSU Transfer WR, Former Four-star Recruit Dee Anderson Visits OSU

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This would be a huge add.

Suspended for conditioning issues doesn’t sound like a guy that Dunn is going to be very high on.

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He hasn’t done squat in 4 years but get suspended (you can’t simply put suspension aside). However, 4 years ago, coming out of high school, he was rated as a 4-star. Why did he turn out not to be a huge get for LSU but would be now, for us? I’d call him a potential find with an apparent high ceiling but has so far shown out with a pretty low floor. “Huge get” is in line with when Spencer Sanders was going to be a true freshman superstar.

I think we are throwing out way too many “huge get’s” lately.


agreed, the OL transfer was big because he’s proven as all-conference in the past. The CB from Mizzou is a good pickup, but more because of our unproven depth than his proven ability. This guy is a complete unknown. Talented potential that never really manifested in realty. Is it because he’s lazy, as the suspension seems to indicate, or was it more the LSU depth at WR, which was really good. Either way, this one isn’t really a huge get at this point.

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We really don’t need more wideouts. I’ll say it again, bringing in Jordan McCray wasn’t a good call IMO.

An Anderson for a Anderson. One transferring in another will be transferring out.