Mailbag: Gundy and Boynton Trading Spots, Jim Knowles Deserves His Flowers

Just get use to it.


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How many years does it take to figure out that maybe we should throw the ball to him a few more times?

He is gone so we will never answer that mystery.

There are a lot of things that go unanswered in the OSU football program these days.

I now it’s crazy just year after year of losing seasons

For recruiting purposes yu want John Smith running the football program. Nobody brings in more 4 and 5 star talent, consistently, year after year, than John Smith.

To answer the question of what did Arkansas do to stop Texas, you need look no further than the QB position. Sark made a Gundy-esque blunder by picking the wrong QB to start the season. Meanwhile Weeden (uh, er I mean Thompson) just kept taking as many reps as the coach would allow him n practice, and when his chance came, he was ready. Had Thompson started the season, Texas would have beat Arkansas due to the dual threat and accurate passing of Thompson. Yes Texas is loaded at feature back and wideouts, but it is the QB play that made the difference between Arkansas and now. Knowles will have to pick his poison on whom to concentrate stopping. Robinson or Thompson.

I’d go all in on stopping Robinson. Thompson sometimes overthrows the receivers.

Favorite game of the year.

One of them has to lose

My first thoughts exactly. I personally never use “skin color” to describe anyone.

I find it unusual that when fans are talking about great Cowboys from the past no one is mentioning the great back, Walt Garrison, who went to also be great for another Cowboys team.
As for the ring of honor, what about multi sport standout D. Sorgel? The auto censor would not allow me to use Sorgel’s first name, LOL. But his first name is what people often end up calling someone named Richard, it rhymes with Rick and is spelled with a D.
And I agree at someone should not be considered for the Ring of Honor based on breaking the color barrier. Create a special way to honor that brave feat, but the Ring of Honor should be for highly successful play on the field. Based on some of the names thrown around in this article, you would also have to include Mike Gundy from his playing days. If you can’t understand why, then it is assumed you are too young to have watched him play and also may not be aware of all the records he held for decades until Mason Rudolph came to town. I think the Ring of Honor should go to guys that not only achieved greatness at OSU, but also made the Pro Bowl in the NFL. There should be very few worthy candidates to be in the Ring of Honor. That way being a member really signifies something special. So I would not vote for Zac Robinson. As good as Mason Rudolph was breaking Gundy’s records, he would not be in the Ring of Honor because he is not making it at the next level. Vote a guy in once every 5 years. Knowles as a head coach? I always hate to see the Peter Principal happen to really talented coaches. Dunn? Holgeson? Monkton?

Thurman’s name is already up there as the first inductee.

I believe you would have to be “not good but great” as coach pat would say.

I think he would have to have all the accolades in college and be a pro bowler NFL to be in the ring or very close to that.

The NFL thing that some folks mention automatically takes Gundy out of the Ring of Honor regardless of the fact that he was one of the greats at QB during Big 8 days.

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U r rite has a couple of big 8 records. His coaching would be like nfl

Thinking bigger picture here, why not do something similar to Ring of Honor for basketball or baseball? Maybe we already do something and I’m not aware…