Mailbag: Gundy and Boynton Trading Spots, Jim Knowles Deserves His Flowers

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Answering reader questions on OSU’s coaches, the upcoming Texas matchup and more.

Cut Dunn’s salary or shitcan him and give it all to Knowles.

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In regards to the question about Knowles being Gundy’s successor…

There was a statement about Knowles not having HC experience. Bad info. He was the HC at his alma mater Cornell from 2004-2009

I like Knowles a bunch. This year he’s has had the luxury of a few 6th year guys and multi year starters. His defense has overcome some key injuries and has continued with success. I want to see how we do the remainder of this season ( Texas, Iowa St, TCU and OU will test our D) and one more year with Knowles as our DC before I think he has hung the moon.

Knowles deserves consideration, but being a good coordinator doesn’t mean you can run a program.

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I would trade them and have boynton for a year just for recruiting.

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If boynton is actually that good have him recruit now. I do know of at least one recruit they both have offers for

Liked your Ring of Honor names but why is Thurman Thomas not included. Plus my personal favorite Ernest Anderson, best pure runner ever in my opinion. Not taking anything away from the others, fan of all of them…


Thurman got in last year. But, yes on Ernest

It said no P5 head coaching experience…

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Yea Cornell is great rite? Lol

Bring in Weeden as a QB coach for a couple of years and give him a shot at the OC job if the QB play drastically improves.

He’s a guy that’s won at a high level in college, and played in the NFL and was a first round pick. Rattay has been around for almost two years and Sanders doesn’t look any different.


Let’s just skip all the hoopla go start to getting :santa: for hc

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Hey Loyd,

Why didn’t Jelani Woods have any catches against Miami?

He has found out bronco is a loser and is sitting out the rest of the season

Bring Weeden in as QB coach and OC. Immediately. Groom him for HC. Or Zac Robinson. Those are my top 2 choices.


Yeah…the loser that figured out how to use him and try to get him to the NFL.

First off guys start coaches pee wee ball at 40 not power 5. Zac has no wants for college unless he loses his job

His size would get him to the nfl . Who says he wouldn’t have been used more here. With this offense he would have.

I’m sorry but to just put a guy in there just because of the color of his skin is wrong in my opinion. This crap is why we as people, human beings will never get pass the color of someone’s skin, there needs to be a strong push for the media not to be able to say or call out the color of ones skin. There shouldn’t be any organization that have a title black or white or whatever. I don’t know or watched the guy play but if he was good enough so be it I’m good with that but it’s just weak to bring that up and wrong in my opinion.

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