Malcolm Rodriguez Leads Country in Tackles Per Game Through Two Weeks

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‘He’s tough as hell.’

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He is a cowboy :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’m sure he will keep the title all season with how often him and the rest of the defense are on the field.


U must not know how this works. They other team has to run more plays to get more tackles. How much time a team screws off can’t help a tackle total.
Like peel said he is just being selfish​:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::hugs::hugs::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::scream::scream::scream::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

This is a weird stat to care much about. Doesn’t someone get credit for a tackle on every play (except TDs)? This tells me that (a) we are defending more plays than most teams, and (b) one guy is making a disproportionate number of tackles.

I am not saying it is a good or bad thing. I just don’t think it tells you that much about the quality of our defense. I guess it is a good thing that our leading tackler is an LB and not a safety or CB.

Tulsa ran 66 played that not alot. He had over 20%.
And, yes we don’t want are backs leading in tackles.

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Studmuffin! Learned a couple of seasons ago the dude has the best tackling technique on the entire team. Wrestling is very much a really good sport to learn how to tackle.

Hate to say it but that’s gonna add up to fatigue and injuries. Ole Gumby and them better figure out a way to change the pathetic offense results that are gonna get worse as the level of competition ramps up.

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Exactly RE your last sentence. For most defenses that are good the leading tackler is likely going to be a linebacker. If it’s a safety it means your front 6 or 7 is getting beat a lot!

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Tulsa running 66 plays is way less then when there were 6 teams in the big 22 running over 90.

Love watching him play and he makes this defense look good

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When you spend a more significant amount of time on the field than the offense I would imagine you’re chances of getting more tackles goes up.

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U really dnt know anything about football do u. Thats like saying if u are in ur fishing boat alot u will catch more fish, no matter if u have a fishing pole.

Now this also depends on the fisher. Is it an experienced fisherman that knows which spots he needs to go to in order to catch the most?

Or is it a guy claiming to be a fisherman, but has absolutely no clue how to cast his reel or what spots to fish at?

Joey ur just showing more ignorance by defending ur self. If u spend 30 minutes on the field with 70 plays u have less chance of tackles with 25 minutes and 90 plays. So how much time u play does not give u a better chance of more tackles. Any other questions about reality u need answered while I’m here.

Tulsa had about 5 extra minutes of possession compared to OSU. They also had two more offensive possessions than OSU did. We only ran a total of three more plays than Tulsa did. That is not a large enough difference to make the significant determination you’re speaking about. Your looking at plays defended instead of TOP and total drives.

Do you see how that works Roberto? More time of possession and more offensive drives means the more time Rodriguez gets to make additional tackles. Why? Because our offense and head coach suck. That’s why!!

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Joey I have one thing to say I hope u have never bred.
U only have a chance to make a tackle if the opponent runs a play. It has nothing to do with how much time they have the ball or how many.
Then u double down on ur stupidity by saying osu offense has something to do with how many tackles malcolm makes.
Do u real believe what u are saying. Be honest. If it yes I can see why u never understand anything. I will lay off u. I always thought u should be a full wit. It’s not fun to out smart a half wit.

Is the world flat. Does the sun rotate around the earth.
What do u feed ur unicorn.

Nobody said Malcom Rodriguez wasn’t good or intelligent, and also at the same time the more time Tulsa takes to plan their next play or more time in the huddle the more time Rodriguez gets to assess what is happening or is likely to happen.

If he needs to hit a gap or where he needs to position himself on the field where the ball might possibly go. Just because he is on defense doesn’t mean he’s ignorant in knowing how to read an offense. There is more to it than just how many plays the opposing offense ran. That tells me you REALLY don’t know football.

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Joey stop I never said Malcom was not smart.

U are the not smart one.