Marshall-Boone Roundtable: Resetting Expectations As Kansas Game Looms

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OSU still has plenty of goals ahead of it, even if the season has slightly gone off the rails. has Mike Gundy as the ninth-best odds to become the next head coach at Auburn – 5,000 to 1 odds would be a terrible bet (Only if he takes Derek Mason with him, please… jmho)

• Can you imagine the pressure on Gunnar Gundy if he plays on Saturday? (Can you imagine the pressure relief of following a total meltdown?? …nothing like ‘it can’t be any worse’ to relieve pressure.)

It’s not like we were shutting everyone down in Knowles’s first year.

Few of my opinions are universal, nor should they be. GO POKES!! :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face:

At about 30% chance this thing goes off the rails this weekend. If Sanders is out for the weekend like the rumors are suggesting 50-60%. If he’s out for the season this thing is derailing. I have zero faith in this OLine protecting QBs especially ones that aren’t as mobile as Sanders.

At best, I think we’re going 2-2 in our last four games.

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@jarrod Yea I would agree. Although the coaches would not admit it I think the team is probably pretty banged up at this point and a lot of the players have lost their legs. Hutton is out so special teams are not so special anymore. Sanders will be walking wounded at best. Lots of reasons not to expect a win in Kansas this weekend.


I think it’s going to be very hard to win out unless we can get a running game on track.

You’re absolutely right. Sanders ability get yards on the ground early this season was a big reason we kept teams guessing. That’s gone right now. Gotta get a running game going or it may be a lot of what we saw last game down the stretch.

Anyone know what Sanders problem is ? Ligaments, pulled muscles ? Ligaments usually require surgery

It’s not muscle or ligament. It’s dumb coach. In stillwater there’s no cure.

So you know this for sure jug :joy::joy:did you talk to the team physician :joy::joy: dam your posts just get dummer

Not exactly sure. They’ve been tight lipped about it. Heard he has been in a sling a lot this week.

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