Marshall Monday Live Q&A - Sept. 9

Hey guys,

As per usual, I’ll be at Gundy’s luncheon today. I’ll be doing a live Q&A afterward starting at 2 p.m., after I’m done writing a few things for the site. So let me know what you want to know from Gundy today.

Was Chuba banged up last week? Is this why we saw LD more? also, why run Spencer 12 times and Chuba 8, can Spencer stand up to this amount of running the ball all season?

I’m curious to see the injury updates (if any.) Sounds like Brendon Evers is banged up, and Bundage’s situation remains murky.

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Also, Antwain update

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What did he think of dru’s performance during the game?

A lot of young guys like T Harper and Ford have looked pretty good in limited action. Does he expect a bigger role for them as the season progresses? And has anyone’s redshirt plan changed in these 2 games?

Can you ask Gundy some version of the following: Watching Tyreek Hill become one of the dominant offensive weapons in the NFL, do you regret not utilizing him more at OSU? How does that impact the way you look to get Chuba involved in the offense?

Though, it may be better if you research the number of touches Hill had at OSU and then ask next week.


Gundy said today that Chuba’s fumble early got him on the bench.
“If you put the ball on the ground, you’re out. So, he’s not gonna get his carries if he fumbles.”

It was also McNeese, so I imagine the game plan going in was to lower the carry number a bit. OSU found success with the quick passing game and didn’t need to run it too much until it was out of hand and Chuba’s group was already out.

Gundy gave a little more than “personal reasons” today. He said it was an administrative issue that was out of his hands. It sounds like they are still hopeful to get him soon, but they are waiting to get that, whatever it is, cleared up.

Gundy was quick to shoot down Evers’ status being in question and said he thinks he’ll be fine but will find out more tomorrow.

As for Bundage, murky is a perfect word. Gundy said his back is a week to week deal that they can’t really put a timetable on. I’ve heard everything from he’ll be good to go soon to he won’t play this year or at OSU again. So, I really don’t know what to think about it all at this point.

Gundy said Dru graded at 100 percent in what they asked him to do. He said they left out the starting O-line with him for two series to get him some good run, and it got a little more difficult for him when more of the twos got in. But that was expected.

But Gundy said in Dru’s 24 plays he graded at 100 percent in terms of making the right reads and his distribution of the ball.

He didn’t talk too much more today on increased roles for those two, but he has raved about both for a while now. It’ll be tough for Harper with how solid Rodarius and A.J. are at those spots, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ford get more and more work. He is one of only two guys with sacks on the team.

As for other guys, Gundy said he was impressed with freshman linebacker Kamryn Farrar this week. Farrar is a guy that Knowles said will likely have to help out this year.

In terms of freshmen not redshirtting, I would expect, Harper, Ford, DT Jayden Jernigan, Farrar and linebacker Na’drian Dizadare. And Tom Hutton, who I always forget is a freshman.

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Gundy compared the two earlier in the year, and I can’t quite remember what he said. It’d be a awkward question to bring up, and he probably wouldn’t answer it all that well unless given a decent circumstance. I think it’s important to remember how much OSU’s offensive line stunk in 2014 compared to this year’s. After I’m done with a few things today, I’ll try to go back and find what he said when comparing the two earlier this year and get back to you. It’s a interesting comparison for sure.

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Good stuff here @marshall!

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@kyleporterCBS and @CarsonCunningham I know you already do daily “bullets” but maybe your Risers and fallers in the podcast could be called “Bullet or BB? In relation to the size of our equines. Yes… No???.. Ok, sorry. :rofl::man_facepalming:t2:


Just listened to the pod, looks like they liked this enough haha. My suggestion would be instead of giving people bullets or bullet stickers, maybe ask who your bullets and BB’s are.

“Who were your bullets and bb’s from the game this week?”

“Player A was a bullet because…”
Player B was a BB because…”

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