Marshall's Notebook: Following Along with Another Wild OSU Game

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Another wacky Cowboy game.

Sanders does hold the ball to long. 4th offline fumble recovery. I don’t know what happened in practice last week, but a lot were hurt.

“I make these slow-mo jukes and spins on my household objects.” LOLOLOL!!

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As a senior citizen when I go in for a physical exam next week I expect that my doctor will give me the choice between having a pacemaker installed or else stop watching Cowboy football for the rest of this season.


I stop listening to the game after the half. Didnt think my heart could take it.

This is gundy’s style of play so you will need to just stop watching it. Look back at the last 5 years and see how many times in conference play we have won comfortably or ran over somebody. His play calling will not allow that to happen. He is playing or trying to play SEC football. It’s a cat and mouse game.

Sitting down with the ball instead of trying to make a 1st down was the dumbest play since rekicking to Tyreek Hill.

As to the transfers of Bray and Farrell, is there any truth to the reason they are gone is they didn’t want to kneel to BLM while the rest of the players and coaches did their support video?

The reason I heard they were going to have a virus party, so they would get the virus before the season.