Mason Rudolph Calls Myles Garrett Helmet Hit 'Cowardly and Bush League'

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Rudolph says he won’t take bullying from anyone.

Speaking to the intellectually-challenged writer who said Rudolph started it all…HOGWASH! Mason was the one who was provoked, Garrett started it when, after beating Mason up all day (yeah, that’s just the NFL), he then, with only seconds to go and the game already decided, hammered Mason and drove him into the ground. Then, he was slow to get off Mason. Angry and frustrated because of the arguably late hit and unnecessary violence and disrespect, Mason grabbed the nearest thing, Garrett’s helmet, and began wrestling with it. There’s no proof he was trying to remove it. They need to check Garrett for steroids.

Did Pittsburgh play as dirty as I’ve read the Browns did? Then they deserved the same fine. If not, just another mindless flubadub out of the Commissioner’s Office.

I really don’t like disconnecting the comments from the articles. Having them distant, some people won’t read the comments, and some won’t take the extra effort to comment. Only positive thing I see is recruits won’t see fans making negative remarks about players - which I disagree with anyway, You can climb all over the coaches. They’re making a living at this, but lay off the kids.Other that that, I m over all pretty happy with PFB.

Just my 2 cents.

PS: I don’t follow these wealthy ball players who disrespect the flag, but I spent 11 years in the Navy (submarines) so the flag means something different to me than it does to these millionaires. Really, I haven’t watched them since the strike in the early 1980s. I do try to watch Mason though.

I’m just responding to deposit the thoughts I’ve typed and deleted on social media multiple times.

Some people commenting this stuff are complete idiots. They’ve mixed up the players names. Called Myles Mason and Mason by his last name. Can’t figure out the rules. And keep saying “why did Rudolph even play the last play? He should have taken a knee.”

And Browns fans have been completely crazed for 3 straight days. Calling the entire city of Pittsburgh curse words. Lying about crotch grabbing. Saying Mason called Myles racial slurs.

  1. the losing team always plays to the end. Only winning teams take a knee. My sister said the exact same thing.

  2. if you can’t figure out the names of the players you probably don’t understand football enough to comment.

  3. Rudolph got fined, that’s quite enough for his part. In fact, if Myles hadn’t used an implement to strike Rudolph the penalty should have been a facemask call. And if Myles hadn’t struck him, his penalty would have been an RTP flag.

  4. For crikey’s sake, neither of them kicked or punched each other in the nuts. Myles confirmed this on television. It’s a screen shot of Rudolph falling. Use your brains.

Okay, I think I can behave and not attract crazies on Twitter now. :blush: