Mason Rudolph Has Competition at QB as Steelers Sign Dwayne Haskins

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Rudy has competion at QB2.

Unfortunate. Was hoping Rudolph would get his shot soon.

I fully expect Steelers to take a QB in the draft. I think if they resign Rudolph after next year it would only be as a perennial backup QB to be used only in case of injury. I think he gets cut. The Bears are in desperate need of a QB most seasons so there will always be a place for him to land.

Rudolph and Haskins both stink.


Rudolph is better than Haskins. Not saying Rudolph is the answer at QB but Haskins has no business in the NFL.

Until Steelers OC lets their backup QBs throw the ball downfield, they will never know what they have.

Mason’s career is coming to an end. Deshaun Watson and Dak Prescott will be the news I’m waiting to hear for next season.

Haskins is lazy and turrible. He might beat out Dobbs for QB3 but I don’t think he’s better than Joshua. Welcome to the XFL. I don’t think he’s as good as Cornbread who deserves a shot at an NFL job. We’ve already seen two former XFL QBs do well in the NFL!

They canned the OC.

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