Mason Rudolph's Contract Extension and What it Means for His Future in Pittsburgh

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Rudolph is the only Steelers QB signed past 2021.

Dam ar0 the boy is getting 3 million to ride the bench. Gundy got him a great deal.

Will always pull for this guy. He put in so much effort off the field at oSu and IMO that is what allowed oSu achieve those 10 win seasons. I miss his ability to audible effectively.

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Looks like Washington needs to look for a new team to extend his pro career.

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They just got to many receivers. Just like with hill.

He needs to stay right there and ride the bench just like Mason since that’s the dream of anyone who plays for Gundy according to robert28.

Don’t be mad that mason is making millions.

I’m happy for him, all he ever got in college is a participation ribbon.

Well thats more then u got play for osu football. Plus he is get 3 million a year. Whole better then a 4 h ribbon

3 million for 2 years.

No. I hope ur not an accountant. U have troubles with columns. And u don’t understand the would each. I was never home schooled but I think the dugout school u got was really only to count cows. To bad u can only count to 21 with ur pants down.
Yea baby he is guaranteed 3 million per year for 2 years.
Do u get 3 million on that horse just sitting.