Matt Rhule Leaves for the NFL, What Does it Mean for Oklahoma State

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Rhule is gone, how does this affect the Pokes?

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That recruiting ranking tells me he knew he was gone a long time ago


This is huge for oSu! Rhule is a helluva coach and him bolting leaves the door wide open for the Cowboys to take the reins at a shot at the Big XII title.

I am in the the camp though, that good coaches do less with more, I would pull the reins back on putting Riley above Gundy or Patterson on the coaching hierarchy. Riley has Heisman worthy quarterbacks falling in his lap (transferring) and can tout ou’s history to lure high ranking recruits, to me not that hard to do as a coach. Would he be doing the same at Tech, Kansas, or Texas? I doubt it, but I bet Patterson and Gundy would be raising the profile of those programs because of great coaching. Let’s see how he does with a freshman quarterback before we crown him the best coach ever.

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In 2 years, he’s won as many Big 12 titles as Gundy and Patterson combined. I don’t disagree that he was handed a silver platter via the transfer QBs, but they transferred to be part of Riley’s system, and it was his system that won them their Heismans. Its disingenuous to not give Riley some of that credit.

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we thought the same ‘opening’ was available to Gundy after Stoops left … i am not holding my breath here …

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This is why I don’t get on the fire Gundy train. Schools like Baylor, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State become revolving doors if they aren’t alums, or an assistant coach that has been there for a long time.

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i dont think i have ever read the words ’fire Gundy’ on any of the PFB+ comments or before… in contrast, there have been more than enough comments regarding Gundy and his seemingly inability to change his approach on certain items …

I’ve seen we need a new coach many times, but phrase it’s how you want. Gundy has been and will be great for OSU

that “2nd Big XII coach to the NFL in 2 seasons” tweet is a little misleading. It’s technically TRUE, but Texas Gosling was fired. Dude was unemployed when Arizona called.

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Baylor could hire anyone from Saban to Santa and it won’t matter, Gundy ain’t playing in conference championship.

I’d have to say I agree. I’d like to hold my breath and think this could be the opening we need but history hasn’t been kind (in these situations). Here’s to hoping we’re wrong!

Lincoln was already in place, trained on the system, and inherited great players (and probably knew he’d be taking over the year before it was announced). This Baylor situation is going to be totally different