MBB: Oklahoma State vs. Minnesota Thread

Can the Cowboys make it two in a row in Tulsa? The Golden Gophers are fresh off of a big win of their own over then-undefeated Ohio State. This should be a good one.

If you haven’t already, take a look at our game preview as you kill time before tip-off.

About to head over to the BOK. Let’s go Pokes!


Just heard no Ice while making my day there

One of Minnesota’s starting guards, Payton Willis, is missing the game today. Hopefully helps offset having no Ice still.

I enjoy games at neutral sites like the BOK Center but the 4 separate three point lines are confusing.

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Dizzy and Lindy will just have to make sure they are past the farthest one when they shoot…

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This CSU/TU game is great. Looks like we will start by 8pm now though!

Reports are that Ice is dressed and going through layups. Anyone there to confirm?


He is. But per Mike Boynton, he’s not playing. :man_shrugging:

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Ice is out here warming up.

It looks like he will he playing to me.

Channel the good vibes from the PF thread. :slight_smile:

Ice is not starting.

Dee Mitchell starting again.

Let’s goooooooooo

Pretty weak crowd… So it’s not distance that keeps people from coming to the games, I guess.

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Ugh. Doing those early-game mistakes I hate.

Not close enough

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I agree. I’m sure this will come with negative feedback but Oklahoma State doesn’t travel as well as they once did. This game is an example of that. On the radio this week Larry Reece said the University sold 35,000 tickets to the 2002 Houston Bowl they will be lucky to get half of that this year. It’s also not just Oklahoma State it’s a national trend :man_shrugging:

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