MBB: OSU vs ISU Big 12 Tournament Game Thread

Let’s do this thang.

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No Rasir Bolton for Iowa State. He has a concussion. OSU should win this easy squeezy as long as Young doesn’t get going.


I’ll bet anyone $20 that I can predict the exact score of the game before it even begins…

You been time traveling?

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We going to miss the beginning of the game due to lacrosse? Surely not

Win and we get KU with no fans tomorrow. Let’s get it

Ugly start.

Yep, too many early turnovers

0 - 0 the score before the game even begins is usually 0 - 0

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So far, it looks like the players are looking ahead to that too.

That was the weakest offensive foul ever


I’m liking the our time warmups

When you shoot 70 percent and are only up 2 points, you’ve probably had too many turnovers.

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That Iowa st player has thrown himself down twice now and gotten the call both times.
That worries me for how this game is gonna go


Mitchell is in really early tonight.

And doing Mitchell things

Still not sure why Keylen hasn’t played lately.

Shoulder injury. Instagram post after Texas showed him wearing it.

A brace that is