McNeese State Game Predictions

After the Okie State comment, who else hopes we just run up the score and keep people in to pad our Heisman/Biletnikoff/Doak campaigns?

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I will never understand why this makes so many of you people mad. I use Okie State. I love Okie State. I think we should lean into it.

You have an inability to understand other people’s perspectives, not really the issue here.


… what?

I am also not bothered by Okie State, or Oak State, or O-K State.

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Bigger issue with Oak State than Okie state.

I can handle Oak and OK-State (I even use those). Okie is a direct insult by its nature.

Welp my prediction didn’t hold up

This aged quite well

We’re going to win 56-14.

Looks like Cwby86 guessed closest.

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