McNeese State Game Predictions

My pick for the game is:
OSU - 58
MSU - 16

My prediction
Good guys: 54
Bad guys : 10
Just get and out with no injuries…and slide for Pete sakes

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62-23 go pokes!

55-21 Pokes!

105 - 2


OSU. – 56
other – 16

One good drive ending in a TD (either 1st drive or 4th quarter) rest are field goals.




Possible late garbage time TD or ST/Turnover TD.
Not a salty D, but they can’t possibly allow more than that right?

42-7 at the half, 66-21 final.

This seems appropriate. Clubber Says It Best

Pokes 56
MSU 10

msu - very little
OSU - quite a bit more


So it comes down to how long we think our starters are on the field and how successful our run game is in the second half when we likely reduce our passes to stop just running up the score.
They only put up 34 last week on Southern so hopefully our defense can best that by a bit.

I’m thinking around 35-3 first half then finishing around 52-13


63-16 Cowboys (see what I did there?)
If we actually get some turnovers we could find ourselves in basketball scoring territory though. :heart_eyes:

You think McNeese gets 23 points…?

Chuba rushes for 264 yards…in the first half. Sits the second half.


Please obliterate this team. Don’t let them score out of “sportsmanship” or whatever other BS trope.

If our 2nd and 3rd team play most of the 2nd half - we’ll give up some points.

52-20 Oklahoma State
Chuba has another great game.
Sanders plays until the 3rd quarter.
Dru Brown throws 2TDs