McNeese State Gameday Thread

Kickoff for the McNeese State game is 6 p.m. on Saturday, but heck, we might as well get this gameday thread popping a bit early. What else are we supposed to do while we waste away on the job this fine Friday afternoon?

How we feeling? Geaux Cowboys or Go Cowboys? The good Pokes are 37.5 point favorites in Vegas – seems good!

I’m a bit salty that the game is only on the ESPN+ garbage because I don’t really want to spend ten bucks to watch one game that (had better be) will be a blowout. Still, I think that SHoWtime (yes, I’m going to keep calling them that - I like it) is going to go crazy.

The thing about the new format is the BIG XII did not sign back up with Fox, meaning a lot of games are probably going to be on ESPN+. its $5 a month or $40 for a year.

Regarding ESPN+, on November 12th Disney is coming out with a bundle that will include Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu for $12.99. Obviously doesn’t help anyone now, but that seems to be the way to go in the future if you want ESPN+


I would think we should cover without problem. Even if we cruise in the second half with bench players. If the QB competition was that close Dru and 2nd String Co. should still put up some points. Our defense will hopefully find it’s footing and get a little stingy.

It’s 5 bucks…


Depends on how much freedom they give Dru to pass vs just in there to hand the ball off and not run up the score further blatantly. I think covering means Dru actually getting turned loose a bit to see what he can do, being able to run it against a likely stacked box when we stop passing to call off the dogs, and our defense keeping up the intensity when we are up big. It’s easy to get a little relaxed when you are stomping another team and that’s when some garbage points are allowed which could mess up the cover.

For those that missed it ESPN+ is basically now the Big XII network. Meaning we have to give them one football and one basketball game a year. But they will also carry all of the other smaller sports and are supposed to have original content for the conference. It could be good and worth it but we will see. I signed up under my wife’s email and plan to cancel after the first month though so I can get that Disney, Hulu, espn+, bundle on Nov 3. ( just in case you have to be a new subscriber to get it is why the different email and info).

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Gave away my tickets and watching at home. Felt weird to do that, but I need a relaxed weekend after traveling to Oregon last weekend.

McNeese lost their starting CBs to injury. It’ll be a long game for them.

Big 12 didn’t sign back up with Fox??

Not gonna lie guys probably won’t watch much of this game. No drunk hot takes for you tonight

Just joined the forum last week - so apologies in advance. What is “SHoWtime”?


It’s a nickname I came up with for Sanders/Hubbard/Wallace. It’s lame but fun and you are in no way obligated to use it.

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FYI - the Hulu in that package will be ad-supported.

That’s what I read anyway (or took from the article). So FS1/FSSW games and stuff, you know more than me lol. Maybe I read it wrong.

FYI … Here’s everything you need to know for the game. Kick time, TV, streaming, betting lines, etc.

I’m going hard on Cape Cods (vodka/cranberry) so I should be nice and fueled up for the game tonight.

Which article? I’m genuinely curious. Not coming at you.

Still, $12.99 for Hulu, ESPN+ and Disney+ is a great deal. I would have half expected Disney+ alone to be that much since it seems like they have parents over a barrel with it.