Michigan State Running Back Transfer Elijah Collins Commits to Oklahoma State

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OSU rebounds quickly after Sean Tyler flips.

Nice pickup to add some depth at RB


I like that we’re getting some big ten guys lately, throw in a big ten lineman and I’ll be tickled pink


Could definitely use some of those.


Anyone remember seeing him play ? This is his 6th year :flushed: brings some more depth for sure

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I don’t really recall him but, looking back at his stats he had a good year in 19’ but then 20’ he was hurt and 21’ too, but Kenneth walker III is a stud so that had more to do with it and looks like last year he had a decent year with 370 yards and 6 tds actually, where the article states only 1. 6’1" 215 could be a nice short yardage or goal line back.


I think the rumors on the scheme next year may be true about going to a power style offense. I honestly prefer to have a mobile QB still for many reasons. One thing about being a fan of OSU since I can remember watching them is I’ve seen soo much different styles of offense that we’ve ran. Really gutsy to go old school with so much work needing to be done on the line. Truly feel if we ever end up being in the playoffs in the near future playing against a sec school or big10 school it isn’t going to work unless we get some really big boys up front with a great blocking scheme.

That’s pretty much what I was commenting about.