Michigan's Josh Gattis Wins Broyles Award over Jim Knowles

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Knowles gets passed over as top assistant.

Looks like Ohio State is targeting Knowles. The university better figure out how to retain him.

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So what do we do?

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Pay the ■■■■ guy what it takes.

So pay him 3 mill and a couple of years when the super seniors are all gone and were in the 30 or 40 defense.
U were one of the ones who wanted to pay boynton for 1 win. How’s is that doing.
I’m with 1.5 for 3 years.

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Boynton has this year and next. If he doesn’t improve he needs to go.

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Are you interested in making it back to the Big 12 championship game at all in the future?

So how much then because we can go get patterson

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I say you go after a linebackers and defensive line coach from a blue blood school. See if they’ll bite in it.

Though, I’m sure the greatest coach in school history will probably get the bright idea that OSU needs a D2 or D3 DC. Well….that or he’ll probably promote someone up. That way we can have a Kasey Dunn type DC.

Looks like we will be back to a bad defense for free. Great deal we got!

Had nothing to do with Knowles knows he will have better players. Didn’t take long and he was gone.
Had lil to do with osu but alot to do with tosu. Not the first time just the first DC under gundy.
Go ahead and blame gundy u will anyway.

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