Mike Boynton Thanks Eddie Sutton for Support and Endorsement

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/mike-boynton-thanks-eddie-sutton-for-support-and-endorsement/

Boynton’s first statement since Eddie’s passing.

Hope I’m not wrong but Coach Boynton really seems to love OSU and the culture here plus Holder believed in him. He is an absolute workaholic for the program. As long as he wins, I don’t think money will lure him away unless it’s just an enormous amount. He seems to really like it here also

Coach Boynton is just a class act. I could not be happier with him as our basketball coach.

When coach Boyton leaves this program weather it’s too many losses, too much money Offered, or on his own time it will be a tough one. I’m glad to have grown up watching the Sutton years and got to take my son to those games that were so Loud and rowdy that you could not hear the person next to you! It was some of me and my son’s favorite times still to this day. He even took the time to sign a picture for me in his later years at Oklahoma state and I still have it hanging up. He was a truly kind man a lot like coach Boyton is. Rest In Peace coach.