Mike Boynton

Is Mike Boynton’s seat gettting warm? I don’t think he gets fired this year with Cade Cunningham coming in, but he has to win at some point, doesn’t he?

Seniors aren’t doing him any favors. I’m not judging a coach on this years personnel.

I’d give him at least 2 more years regardless of record this year


No chance Boynton gets fired this year given we have Cade coming in. OSU isn’t letting him get away.

It’s hard though… Like is it Boynton’s fault that nobody can make a shot? Yeah the offense isn’t great but 8 guys are shooting less than 27% from 3 including McGriff, Laurent (who shot like 40% last year), Avery Anderson (who is shooting 10%), and Chris Harris (who is shooting 20% and is 3rd on the team in 3 point attempts). I don’t know if Yor’s decline and the lack of Freshman scoring is Boynton’s fault or not but he needs to figure it out.

Regardless he has a year and a half to do so because he isn’t going anywhere.

I think Holder gets the long game, but I also think last year was supposed to be the bottom-out year with this year a slow (and then hopefully fast) ascent toward the top. That’s, uh, not how it’s going.


We all knew B12 play would be the gauntlet. I think there is merit in doing well in the non-conf. and then starting to do better in conf. play.

I agree that Boynton gets two more years regardless.

I’m not with you on the seniors are the problem part. Have they been good? No. Have they been put in a position to succeed off their strengths? No. OSU is not doing a good job of spacing the floor and getting open shots. Just listen to the announcers during our games. “Little ball movement”
“Another force/contested shot”
“Not the possession that they wanted there”
We are near dead last in assists per game. I think 300th out of 350ish teams I believe.

Off ball movement could be better

Well, the whole point of scheduling a tough non-conference schedule is to prepare you for the conference schedule. Obviously, it helps you get in the tournament as well when it gets to that point.

I don’t think it’s truly a talent level thing (or we wouldn’t have beat some of the teams we did, and beat them the way we did). I do think it’s a confidence thing, and a lack of offensive creativity thing. For the past three years (really four, because it’s the same offense that Underwood ran), we’ve seen the same simple spread offense. You can get away with it in non-conference, because you don’t see those teams as much. But when you get to Big 12 play, your opponents know you so well. There has to be some creativity mixed in as well. I think that plays into the confidence issue as well. That’s coaching, get your players into position to make easy, high percentage shots.

He should be gone after next year unless he makes the tournament or pulls in another a big commit around Cade. If he can’t get to the tournament with this year’s team or with Cade, I sure don’t trust him with what we will have two years from now.

I agree. I thought the Boone twins did a great job moving without the ball. Pick and roll, cutting to the basket, flashing to the corner. We need Ice and Avery to take it to the hole more. Also, when we were utilizing Yor early in the year, they would double team and he was able to kick it out and they could swing it around.

Event tho he created it? That’s interesting

Created what? Just because several players have been kicked off the team leaving the cupboard bare of other options do NOT necessarily put significant blame on the head coach. The seniors he has now are not his recruits? For all we know he is installing an offense to prepare the freshman/sophomores to be successful in but that the current seniors are terrible at executing.

He will be back next year. If we can’t make the NCAA tournament next year and win at least one game he should be fired.

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I am not even close to considering his seat hot. #KeepWorking

YOU must be one of those people that think Gundy shouldn’t be fired /s