Mike Boynton's History with Mid-Major Transfers

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Kendall Smith is underrated in OSU lore.

My first question is are we call all schools mid majors that are not majors.

Well is the competition they play not as tuff as big 12. That seems not to bother some.

The only other constant is boynton.

What are you trying to say with this sentence?

The article said we got 3 guys from mid major teams.
I never thought any of these schools were mid major.
High point
Texas state

I guess u could call ulm a mid major

Just think they were elevating where these kids came from

Good point. I think the term mid major should be retired. Pretty meaningless. The way journalists use mid major includes every team not in the so-called Power 5 conferences. From Gonzaga to Delaware State is a pretty wide range.

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Regarding your comment on Coach Boynton…
Here’s the list of head coaches in my time as a student at OSU and as an alum:

Mike Boynton, Jr. 2017-Pres. 87-73
Brad Underwood 2016-17 20-13
Travis Ford 2008-16 155-111
Sean Sutton 2006-08 39-29
Eddie Sutton 1990-2006 368-151
Leonard Hamilton 1986-90 56-63
Paul Hansen 1979-86 107-89
Jim Killingsworth 1977-79. 22-31
Guy Strong 1973-77 35-70

So I’ve seen a lot of coaches come and go here. The most interesting case study is Coach Hamilton. He was hired from Kentucky, an assistant coach there, so OSU was his first HC job. He recruited well, but struggled in games. In his 4th season you could see he was developing and becoming a good HC. Then he suddenly jumped to Miami after 4 seasons with us. Took him until his 5th season at Miami to have a winning record, and a few more years after that to have winning record in conference. Has had a good run at Florida State.

I think Coach Boynton was hired into an ugly, ugly situation. He has had everything thrown at him. And yet, I think he has the right stuff to become a great coach for the long run as a Cowboy. Elite recruiter, high energy, very smart, seems to love being a Cowboy…don’t minimize this last trait. Again, he was thrown into a terrible multi-year situation which is just now starting to blow over. Too soon for either party to bail. Let’s give him the support and time he needs.

Most of my comments are for Joey.

I know we had tuff times for alot of reason. Your older then me I remember Hanson 1 team very disappointing. Hamilton was making a turn and really let Eddie land softly.
I agree on most stuff. 2 main problems with what you said.
Yes we had the ban hanging over us for those 2 years. The main deal is we didn’t lose any players. So that’s not a issue with the ban.
Second I’m not with his rotation, kids sitting for no reason, and no structure on offense.
We do have him I would say a couple of years. He needs to run a real offense and know who his real scorers are.

I agree with the need for improvement on offense and the kids on the court. It’s funny, we used to gripe about Coach Hamilton for virtually the same thing. He’d substitute at a time out and sit a kid with a hot hand for a breather. Then it was like he’d forget to put the kid back in. We’d be buzzing in the stands about it and finally some shouts to the coaching staff. As we now know, he improved year over year and had turned into a really good coach.

As I was listing the coaches during my time, I was reminded of a coach not on the list. In March of 1977, Jack Hartman then the very successful HC at Kansas State, announced he had accepted the HC at OSU. I was a student at the time. Man, were we excited. Jack Hartman! Finally, back to the Iba glory years! Hartman announced 24 hours later, ‘Sorry, I made a big mistake. I’m staying at KSU’. So he was our HC for about 24 hours.

Yea I knew about the Hartman deal what a game changer it would have been. I always gave Hamilton his credit.
I like boynton he firs osu well. The thing is he has to change his off identity. Especially when the other team is on a run. Slow the game up and run plays, dnt shoot a 3 in five seconds and let them run on you. I just would like to see more plays rather then 1 of 3 guys drive.
The main problem with that is no one really knows what there doing. Do I pass do I shoot do dribble.
He gets them to run a great defense. We still have out score them.