Mike Boynton's Twitter Own Underscores Challenge for OSU in NCAA Case

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/mike-boyntons-own-twitter-underscores-challenge-for-osu-in-ncaa-case/

The court of public opinion doesn’t get the OSU case’s facts.

I have no idea why this hack can justify the probation, especially the one year ban from post season. There is no president for it. NC had several egregious acts and never got this. What about Louisville ?? Same thing. Two years ago we deserved to go to the tournament over the goons but they didn’t want to leave Trey Young out. They have no morals

The purposes of punishment are twofold: justice and deterrence. The right guy is serving time so justice achieved. As to deterrence, let’s hear from those who think this punishment will deter schools from this crime.