Mike Gundy Already Being Asked College Football Playoff Questions

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With Oklahoma and Texas off to rocky starts, outside media are asking Gundy about the CFP.

agree with Gundy. Think he fielded those questions well. Just winning the big 12 would make me more than happy enough. I’m not sure I think there’s a better team in the conference this year than OSU, but I also think it’s going to be verrrrry tough to make it through the whole big 12 schedule undefeated. I’d be very happy if OSU finished the season 9-1


I don’t want to seem like a defeatist, but 6-4 . Their is so much going on. And hey were 3-0 why not 14-0.

I remember back in the day (the 70’s and 80’s) when bedlam rolled around, sooner fans would actually say things such as, you know it would be better for the Big 8 for OSU to lose as OU will get a better bowl and the conference will make more money. So by that logic, OU and Texas you really should lose to OSU because that would be better for the conference…


Way too soon for this topic to be brought up. We haven’t gotten to the meat of our schedule yet. Right now, get healthy over the bye week and prepare for Baylor.

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If we use my logic everyone should see its fruitless to beat us.:wink::joy::heart_eyes:

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As far as I am concerned, OSU’s CFP is Nov. 21 in Norman.

For crying out loud, we’re three games into the year. The chances of us running the table and then winning the conf championship game are exceedingly small. Tap the brakes man. Let’s worry about Baylor. We’re OSU, not Clemson.

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Two things, one we haven’t played a team yet that Stillwater high couldn’t beat and secondly let’s see Spencer Sanders in a game, I think he’s going to determine the ceiling of this team.

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I don’t know about you guys, but unless I see more consistency from the offense against better teams (Not Kansas) I think as of this moment OSU is just about as good as the other 8 or 9 teams in the conference.

Let’s not forget that 7 of the 27 points scored against WV was on defense. I would also like to see the OSU defense face a team that has at least a three offensive threats. Nothing against the defense, but WV is not very good offensively.

I think TCU and Iowa State are probably going to be the test for the offense. I think Texas, OU, and TCU will be for the defense. I’m not going to be convinced this team has what it takes to win the Big 12 until I see some wins against more solid opponents.

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Let’s see where we stand at Halloween. By then we will have played Baylor, Iowa St and Texas. If we go 3-0, we’re still in the hunt. If 2-1, we are still a contender for B12. Anything else and we fall back with the peloton. As a fan,I focus on the B12 title. Standing toe to toe with Bama and Clemson is delusional.

@PFB Admin there are alot of out of date features on the website. Need to update the schedule tab, BIG 12 standings tab, probably the roster as well I didn’t check. You guys are getting sloppy.

I joking talk about a natty. There r guys on here, say we have played anybody. May be true. When we played tu we lost 3 players. Def did better then last yr to a team should be offensively better. And tu beat #11. Wv may have the best front we will face. Def. Did better on an offense should be the same or better then last yr. Ku is ku but still better then last yr. We haven’t seen a dual or an elite passer. The middle still seems week. No sanders but offense is growing. The other teams we haven’t seen are showing very little defence, the group we haven’t seen score at least 30. Joe talks about tcu ou Texas defense (31 37 33 37 56 38) are those great defensive #. One thing how the new schedule, we can grow with the teams.its still about match ups. Until the other team show improvements I’m not scared.it still fun to talk about 14-0 rite.

Waaaaay too early to talk about Big 12 Championship and beyond. We haven’t beaten Baylor in a long time. Charlie Brewer seems to have our number. Let’s win this weekend and keep getting better.

We may not win this weekend but we ain’t gonna lose.

Words of wisdom from ar1. Never would have thanked it.

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