Mike Gundy Entering Another Era of Big 12 Coaching after TCU, Patterson Split

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Half of the Big 12’s current coaches don’t have 10 wins at their current school.

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Technical ksu would have 4 since they rehired snyder

It’s not just head coach during a change over. Gundy has made us millions by going bowling and not getting fired 4 times.


At least tcu made the conference championship game in 2017 though!

Not sure what ur point is. Gary shouldn’t been fired since he was in a title game 4 years ago and is 2 games under 500.
Keep Gary but fire gundy since gundy hasn’t finished 2nd since 2016. And is only 22 games over 500 since then?

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Mike gundy wins – 144

Wins by active big XII coaches – 140.


How many more seasons does Gundy need to surpass Stoops in career wins at one school?

As many as it takes.

4 more years then he will be the winningest coach in the state ofoklahoma.
He is passing bud this year and switzer next.


Oh hell yeah!! I can’t stand shitzer. And yeah, I spelled it wrong on purpose.

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He already has the most losses of any coach in the State of Oklahoma.

Oh by the way, he won’t be to 190 wins in 4 years. 6 maybe.

Fantastic point