Mike Gundy Inducted into Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame

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Gundy was one of six inducted into the Oklahoma HOF on Monday.

Not to be sexist, but how is Stacey Dales making the HoF the same year as Gundy…and Hays…and Stephenson…?

What this article failed to mention about Mike Gundy is that he was an All Big 8 QB, first team. He was great to watch back then. So regardless of what the fans think about him, he had a tremendous college career. I assume all of the people who write for PFB were not old enough or not yet born to have seen Gundy play. Cowboy football having 15 winning seasons seems hard to believe for those who of us watched those teams in the from the 1960’s till now. From embarrassment to a proud program. That’s why I don’t judge Gundy for not being able to beat OU. Not many coaches have either. My memories of OU go back to the Bud Wilkerson teams, and not having grown up in Oklahoma I came to OSU with no prejudices against OU, just a realistic view of how great they were and for how long they have been one of the top teams in college football. So I seldom expected OSU to beat OU regardless of who was coaching OSU. As a senior in high school in 1965 I remember seeing the big headline on front page of the sports section of a Chicago newspaper that OSU beat OU in football for the first time since 1945.

Things change over the years and so do expectations

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