Mike Gundy on the Difficulty of Choosing a Backup Quarterback

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With limited practice reps, Gundy says it can be difficult to name a definitive QB2.

I don’t want to jump to any conclusions and assume he’s going to lead us to score like 56 points against WVU (though he might) if Sanders is out. But I will say he looks like he’s got some serious arm strength and composure.

On those longer throws he looked like he barely put any effort at all into throwing the ball, looked pretty smooth.

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Gundy is probably the worst coach in college football history at choosing which QB to play. He should relinquish those duties to the QB and OC coaches.

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What is contact tracing?

When someone gets covid they provide a list of all the people they were in contact with for long enough to transmit the virus in the last two weeks when they might have been infectious. Current protocol is to have those people quarantine for 10 days to 2 weeks to confirm they don’t have it and so they don’t transmit it if they do.

Nice excuse. I could tell in one series QB2 should’ve never gotten offered a scholly. No offense to that kid but we were the only Div 1 to offer him? He looks slower than most of the O-linemen and not good enough of an arm to make up the difference.

Some of us saw Weeden being miles better than Alex Cate early on. I’ll take a consulting gig, Mike. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :joy: :rofl:


Taking Jr with him?

Which is why I never understood it. This kid even struggled in JUCO to produce. Some don’t understand why they thought he would ever be a suitable backup for a D1 school in a major conference. He’s not even good enough to make the team at Kansas.

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