Mike Gundy Reveals He Interviewed with Tampa Bay Buccaneers before 2012 Season

Originally published at: Mike Gundy Reveals He Interviewed with Tampa Bay Buccaneers before 2012 Season | Pistols Firing

Gundy was apparently on the precipice of leaving for the NFL.

I think everyone should read the tweets.

I can’t, don’t have an account on that toxic S^%T posting place

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I guess that makes you tweeterless.

Well, no one would ever call you twitless.
Its funny how youve been telling us how bad culture is especially cowboy. But that all people talk about now

Cowboy Culture? Lol
Do you even know what a cowboy is? Notice I said cowboy not plowboy.

It just chaps your asss to be undefeated and in the top ten doesn’t it :rofl:

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A broken clock is right twice a day.

Good thing he didn’t because the failure rate of college coaches plying their wares in the NFL is VERY HIGH! You think Matt Rhule, looking back w/ 20/10 vision, would’ve taken that Panthers job? :roll_eyes: :sob: :joy:

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@teatown I think Rhule’s buy out is 40 million so yea I would have taken that chance. However you are correct overall, if you don’t have a sweet buyout then going into the NFL is very risky.


That’s a crazy buyout amount, he’s got a great agent, LOL! I thought NCAA Power 5 buyout$ were in$ane.

Thats a good point i gues you can be rite twice a day.
When to start shoveling and when to stop.

Gundy is a cowboy he has your favorite equine, an ess.

I got rid of mine a long time ago. They, as in you, cry to much. Get excited over the littlest thing. In the end spent to much time taking care of them.

He is just in time to take the Nebraska job.

@teatown I just heard on a sports show that the buy out was 40 mil. I didn’t verify it though

@robert28 Yea that’s the ticket isn’t it? Get your big NFL buy out and then jump straight back into D1 coaching making what is now chump change, after the NFL buy out, at 7, 8, 9 mil

Everybody talks about that 40 mill. He would lose it with a new job. But, wont yhat just be a nfl job.

Usually the team just pays the difference any way.
So if he was to get 10 mill then gets 7 mill. Then the panthers only pays 3mill

Yep have no knowledge of his NFL contract but I assume he is sitting pretty on exit. He’s too smart not to be.