Mike Gundy's Contract Shortened, Will Take $1M Paycut After Internal Probe

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Gundy takes a hit to his bottom line.

From the changes in the contract it sounds like Mike Holder has had a wake up call and has sent a meaningful message to Mike Gundy that he is not above being replaced if he does not make some self-improvements. I think Gundy sincerely wants to have better relationships with his players and welcomes the feedback. Someone now needs to provide feedback on how he relates to the press.

Agree completely. I see this as a net positive. This definitely appeared to open Gundy’s eyes that he’s not above “OSU’s law“ so to speak. And that $1M paycut could be used to go to something good - like inner city education, COVID 19 research, or something like that. I would imagine it’d probably stay with the Athletic Department though…so use it on a haircut and recruiting!

It would have been nice if Holder could have coaxed Gundy into considering getting a haircut. That really would have been symbolic of a new look for the football “culture”.

I think (and hope) it’s a sign that Gundy is close to retirement. I’d love to see him win the Big 12 championship this year complete with two more Bedlam wins, a fantastic bowl win, then ride off into the sunset. The next man up can build on what he’s established.

Blah blah blah!!!

I hate to tell you but Oklahoma state will always be a non blue blood and this is as good as it will ever get as long as football is being played in Stillwater. It’s just the way it is and will always be. Yes we might have a couple good seasons sparingly till the current coach is poached and goes to a better school like it always has before Gundy. We will never ever ever win a national title game because not only does a school like us have to go completely undefeated in the regular season but go undefeated in post season as well! GOOD LUCK with that because that’s never going to happen ever. TRUTH

Nah, it’s harder to win at OSU than at a blue blood school, but it’s possible. To say this is as good as it will ever get…then why even play any more games? I’m sure Tech, maybe WVU, ISU, KU, and KSU would trade football programs with OSU in a heartbeat.

It may not be a blue blood job, but it’s a very good job. I’d argue 3rd or 4th best job in the Big 12. TCU and Baylor can win consistently and OSU has a much bigger alumni base and draws bigger TV ratings than those schools, they’re kinda hampered by being small private schools. In fact, I believe OSU draws the 3rd best TV ratings in the B12. Nationally, people want to watch OSU vs Texas and Bedlam moreso than UT or OU vs the rest of the big 12.

Not to mention, a pretty state of the art athletic village and facilities.

I’d put OKST in the same tier as a Virginia Tech or Utah. It’s been proven it’s not impossible to win there. And many young coaches would love the opportunity to coach at those schools.

Gundy took a a pay cut by his choice. Who has the proof he didn’t do the same on his contract. I mean he already had a contract. Those have to be agreed upon by both parties. So once again we have Kyle Boone with the lead on the article. I saw his tweet and it looked to imply Gundy was being punished by the 1mil pay cut. He didn’t respond when I asked him.Then he comes into the article and toots his own horn again. This is poor journalism. Cut and dry…


I am concerned that this whole blow up will hurt the team this season. By becoming a national debacle (thank you PFB…without your hyping the t-shirt none of this would have ever made the national media) there is a good chance that the seeds for dissension among the team members have been sown and we are about to reap the whirlwind. Chuba should have shown more maturity and gone to Gundy in private to explain his concerns. I like to think that the outcome would have been even better than what actually took place. Being the CEO of a larger operation is not like falling off a log. You can only handle so many distractions. If this becomes a continuing item of disagreement among the team and staff, the dissension could really tear this season apart. You cannot tamp down the youngsters on the team if it becomes an item of discussion and has negative results. I pray that this doesn’t happen.


If this sh**show we’ve witnessed over that past month is any indication, this season is going to be a colossal disappointment. Before all of this, I think we legitimately had a chance to win the Big12. Now, I’ll be shocked if we finish better than 9-3.

Again, this is 100 percent our fault. We take total responsibility.


I agree. Although I’ve grown tired of Gundy’s antics the last few years, am frustrated at conference mediocrity and absolutely detest the 2-13 Bedlam record, I am pissed that PFB and KB have harmed my (our) university. Without the vendetta against Gundy, this pic taken by the fishing guide would not have fallen into China’s righteous lap. Now that OSU has been drug through the mud for a month, implied that their are multitudes of racist things going on (Chuba saying that he’s doing this for his black brothers and sisters) and the harm this has caused OSU in the national view, Chuba needs to put out a statement that this was about relationships and OSU does not have a racist problem and Gundy does not either. His intentions were NOT to imply that this was the case. Until then, Chuba can hit the road. I will not cheer for him, not because I don’t think he has a voice, has the right to protest, but because he (and KB) have harmed my university.

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Bye Felicia! You won’t be missed!

Agree to disagree. I try to balance optimism (Big 12 titles) with realism (non-blue blood status). I look at Clemson and Dabo and see a path to getting it done. I wish more of the fan base had at least some of that expectation. That’s all. Have a great day, sir.

I really cannot see how PFB is responsible for this blow up. If it was not PFB, someone else would have made the photo public and it would have been taken up by the national media . It is naive to think that in today’s social media connected world that a photo posted anywhere would not be picked up if relevant to the media. Unfortunately Gundy brought this whole thing on himself. He admitted to the same calling himself a “dumbass” . Everyone else needs to get a grip and understand the reality.


I like your optimism, we all need some now days but it’s not going to happen. Blue bloods will always blue bloods and then there’s the rest hopefully and praying for a miracle season but it never comes. Listen can osu win a national title? Yes, I’n basketball but it will never win a national title In football unless it has a 2011 team and all the blue bloods all get post season ban in the same year. Football is a whole different animal and you have to be deep in quality guys behind your first string and osu in its best years can even come close to field half the first string in 4 star guys. I mean ou who we can’t even compete with is getting their doors blown off in the post season so…

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Yea sure wish it was somebody else but our own people​:man_facepalming:. Seem weird right?:smirk:

I’d completely agree and I’m glad the wake up call happened. I still want Gundy around but I want him to want to be a coach in every part of the word not just a CEO. Very good clean smart comment tai