Mike Holder on Mike Gundy's Timeline: May 1 Seems 'A Little Ambitious'

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Mike and Mike do not agree.

“May 1st seems a little ambitious.”

WOAAAAHHHH hold the phone, what a statement! Boy, did he have to do some work to backtrack from Gundy’s statement. Holder clearly seems deeply disturbed by Gundy’s lack of compassion, and it really shows in this hard hitting quote. Hopefully, Gundy can recover from this intimidating statement from his employer.


Gundy, OSU and Holder all acknowledge that they will start when the relevant authorities give clearance for them to resume football activities. Gundy’s goal of May 1 seems aggressive to Holder is not a monumental issue for Gundy or Holder, so let’s not use it to double down on your position. Throughout this several members of the press have chosen to ignore Gundy’s caveat that smarter people and health officials, etc have the final call when they can begin. Sure has the appearance of controversy for clicks.


Gundy’s timeline probably is ambitious but not totally out of the question. I would rather have a coach that is planning and ready when they get clearance rather than one that gets caught off guard and was unprepared.
I know I’m contributing to another “click bait” article but I’m going to follow suit and double down to Porter’s doubling down.
Gundy is the CEO of the football department and he outlined his plan for his employees & players which is to require and pay for every person to be tested before they return to work or practice which is a textbook way to control the spread of the disease. Anyone that gets sick gets isolated, tested and stays isolated from everyone else until they recover. I ask, how many of you think your employers are planning or will implement a similar strategy? Is PFB, CBS, ESPN, or any of you other “arm chair epidemiologists” planning to do this? Lots of naked people claiming the Emperor has no clothes!


Just following all the various commentary/comments from main stream media outlets to the die hard Cowboy fan is a great illustration of differently folks can receive a message and how different that can be from what was intended to be communicated …basically a 50/50 chance what’s intended actually occurs …that said, I am very very surprised Gundy chose that setting to pontificate on such a sensitive topic …regardless how individually a person may feel about Gundy’s comments …IMO …universally most folks would agree ‘good judgement’ …was not demonstrated by Gundy here …


Absolutely nothing wrong with Gundy’s timeline. It’s all the extra crap we could do without.


Mr. Porter:

This issue has affected your rationale…

I am not fond of a "fan site’ that attacks their own when it really is a benign issue.

Mike Gundy did not state anything that is out of line.


The man is good at getting attention. Good or bad he gets it. Doesn’t matter if I agree with it or not, he’s getting MAJOR publicity.

Just a question, How many on here believe Mike Gundy should answer to Mike Holder ?

That’s a great question and undoubtably would stir the pot …in reality, at every FB school the AD and FBC have their own Power Brokers and all that goes with that situation…same as Board vs CEO…without question (and is fact at OSU) both Gundy & Holder have very STRONG PB’s in their corner …an neither is afraid to invoke them…guaranteed…

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I guess you call it a FB school with two conference titles in the last 70 years though I barely remember the one we shared with OU in '76. All I really remember is Terry Miller.

There was probably a time someone called building Karsten Creek out in the sticks west of Stillwater “a little ambitious”, so I would guess Holder is fine with Gundy’s statements. Holder probably wished this thing didn’t become so political so people wouldn’t get offended by people suggesting optimism, but that’s where we are right now.

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The comments on both of these articles are such a reflection of the polarized world we live in. If you don’t agree with the author or his take, then it’s “clickbait.” If it produces anything other than what you think it should, it’s not a “fan site.” We’re all too quick to take offense, scream too loud and call folks names.

To borrow from the subject of the articles, “It makes me want to puke.”

I read and subscribe to PFB to learn about what’s going on with my beloved OSU Cowboys - both the good and the bad. I don’t want this to be a puffed-up homer site. Tell things like they are, not how I want them to be. I’m sure Kyle knew the storm his comments would create, but I honestly don’t believe he did it for clicks. He’s too engrained in the program for that.

I agree that, as the head coach, Mike should remain positive and continue planning for the end of all this. I also don’t care much that he threw out a date he’d like to start. Hell, I’m all for May 1 if we can do it. But if you don’t think that Gundy’s presser has become a PR nightmare for OSU then you’re not reading sports writers across the US. He’s being pilloried right and left and some of it’s vicious.

The problem is that he strayed too far from that sort of message. I’ve been involved with communications long enough to know that when you start a sentence with, “I’m not a doctor, but…” - that’s the point where you should stop talking. Plus, when you have a bully pulpit like Mike has and you’re seen as a representative of the university at-large, you need to say things consistent with what the school is saying.

I don’t care whether you agree with Kyle’s point or you don’t. Your opinion is yours alone and I’m willing to respect yours as long as you respect mine. In this case, my opinion is that this is a bad look for Gundy. And it was self-inflicted.

It’s also not unreasonable to think that some of what I said is wrong and also that some of what Gundy said is wrong.