Mike Holder on Wrestling was 👌

He’s always the best – contrary to what a lot of people think! – but this was tremendous.

Also a good get by Seth.

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There are a lot of good parts, but this was my personal favorite interaction. Just direct as can be. Holder shoots you straight as an arrow.

Seth Duckworth: Unfortunately other programs have kind of changed the game. I think if you look at Ohio State’s new facility, is what you’re describing?

Mike Holder: It’s not even close to what I’m describing.

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My reaction when he said that was pretty close to the sloth in Porter’s picture.


I get that it would be next to impossible to crowdfund a facility of this magnitude, but I don’t necessarily agree about writing it off completely. Anything helps, and if you get a thousand small donations, that’s a thousand people that are now financially invested in your wrestling program, many of which probably aren’t current season ticket holders. It won’t build the facility, but it will keep the excitement moving with the masses.


My take, and I certainly wasn’t going to say it while interviewing him. The last time they tried it, where he said it failed during the first campaign, was prior to the advent of smart phones, apps, social media, etc… So that type of crowdfunding just wasn’t as common and couldn’t be spread to the masses as it can now.

If they set some sort of small goal to lessen the amount needed for the naming rights donation. A few million maybe? While they continued to go after the big donation. Over time they might be able to get to it.

Maybe put an incentive like if the amount was reached then the fans get a voice in choosing the naming rights. Or everyone who donated gets to to be part of VIP events during the first season.

Thought you were talking about this forum for a second.

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I think there’s a worry that if you crowd fund, the people who pay into those things are more than likely buying tickets and if they spend money via donation, they won’t spend it in the stadium. OSU gets the money either way, but I think they’d rather pay the bills and sell a product.

So is this thing just going to sprout out of the ground in that open field to the east? Where will band go? Is there going to be a tunnel to the museum? All of this is super intriguing.