Mike Tomlin, Mike Gundy Speak Out to Support Mason Rudolph

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/mike-tomlin-mike-gundy-speak-out-to-support-mason-rudolph/

Two Mikes with strong words for Myles Garrett.

Glad Mike Tomlin came out swinging. He’s a great coach, and a ■■■■ good man. Go Stillers.

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The fact that this is ongoing is complete garbage. Garrett is dragging Rudolph through the mud to make himself look more sympathetic…but he’s not helping anyone. It just looks like revenge now.

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Might want to check the spelling of “slur” on Rudolph’s agent’s statement… :grimacing:


Agh, I didn’t see that the first time. Whoops autocorrect :laughing: (Not me, of course. :laughing:)

If I’m Rudy I’m suing Garrett’s lying a$$!